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Published 20:15 IST, May 26th 2024

Top Travel Destinations In India In June-July

Summer weather encourages lighter fabrics, simplifying packing and allowing for more space for gifts and mementos in luggage due to the warmth.

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1/7: July in Cherrapunji is characterized by high humidity and frequent rainfall, yet its stunning beauty makes it an ideal time for nature lovers and photographers. / Image: istock

2/7: Gangtok's June weather offers warm days with 14 hours of sunlight, making it perfect for exploring the city before rains set in, making it ideal for families, honeymooners, and adventure enthusiasts. / Image: Istock


3/7: Darjeeling is best visited during the summer months from April to June, but some travelers also enjoy the icy-cool winter months from October to December. / Image: Istock

4/7: June in Goa offers a unique, tranquil experience with lush greenery and a glimpse of authentic Goan life, unlike typical beach holidays. / Image: Istock


5/7: Kalpa, a picturesque town in Himachal Pradesh, is a popular destination known for its mild weather and scenic beauty during the summer months from March to June. / Image: istock

6/7: Mornings and evenings are ideal for sightseeing, but indoors are recommended in the afternoons due to hot temperatures. Water sports enthusiasts should visit during this time. / Image: iStock


7/7: During this season, mountaineering is a popular adventure in Mount Abu with average temperatures ranging from 25 to 42 degrees Celsius, offering budget travelers discounted accommodations. / Image: Pinterest

20:15 IST, May 26th 2024