Published 22:18 IST, April 26th 2024

Prioritised Personal Interest: Delhi HC Raps Kejriwal | 5 Points

The Delhi HC has condemned Kejriwal's decision to prioritize personal interests over his constitutional responsibilities by not resigning from his post.

Reported by: Isha Bhandari
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Arvind Kejriwal Prioritised Personal Interest By Not Resigning as CM: Delhi High Court | Image: PTI

New Delhi: In a rebuke to the jailed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi High Court has condemned his decision to prioritize personal interests over his constitutional responsibilities by not resigning from his post. 

Delhi Govt Accused of Power-Driven Agenda: The court rebuked the AAP-led Delhi government, stating that it appeared solely focused on maintaining power, rather than addressing the needs of the citizens it serves.


Kejriwal Arrested by ED in Liquor Policy Case: Kejriwal's arrest by the Enforcement Directorate last month, in connection with the Delhi liquor policy case, was highlighted as a significant factor in the court's scrutiny of his continued tenure.

Concerns Raised Over Education System: The High Court expressed concerns over the non-availability of textbooks and uniforms for students enrolled in government schools, criticizing the Delhi government for its apparent indifference towards the issue.


Court's Rebuke Towards Government's Inaction: The court's frustration with the government's failure to address the situation was evident, with remarks directed at both the Urban Development Minister and the government's counsel, highlighting the urgent need for action to address systemic failures in governance.

The court was dealing with a PIL by NGO Social Jurist, represented by advocate Ashok Agarwal, highlighting the non-supply of educational material and other statutory benefits to students in the MCD schools even after the commencement of the new academic session.


The MCD commissioner had earlier stated that the non-distribution of the facilities was due to the non-formation of a standing committee which has the power to reward contracts worth more than Rs 5 crore.

The court had then prima facie said there could not be a vacuum in the absence of a standing committee and in such a situation, the financial power has to be delegated forthwith by the Delhi government to another appropriate authority.


On Friday, the Delhi government counsel said the MCD commissioner was free to seek the necessary financial approvals even in such situations and an appropriate resolution would be passed.

"You people can't even elect your committee and you are telling us you will pass the resolution?... Do you want us to take judicial notice of what is happening in the house? How the people are pushing each other?" the court said.


The court remarked that several projects concerning distribution of books and medicines were admittedly stalled, and questioned, "Don't you have a heart? Don't you feel for them?" "I don't think you are seeing any of this. I think you are just shedding crocodile tears," the court further said.

It said the Delhi government does not feel for the common man.

"Desks and chairs are broken.. Would any of the corporators like their children to study in that manner? Will the mayor like her children to study in a place where tables are broken?" asked the court.

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19:44 IST, April 26th 2024