Published 00:04 IST, April 28th 2024

Congress’ New Agenda is to Reinstate Article 370 in Kashmir: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that the Congress and its allies have changed their strategy and their new agenda is to bring back Article 370.

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Congress’ New Agenda is to Reinstate Article 370 in Kashmir: PM Modi | Image: File

Kolhapur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that the Congress, if voted to power, will reinstate Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Addressing a public rally in Maharashtra's Kolhapur, said that the Grand Old Party will be using anti-national agenda and appeasement to woo voters in the ongoing Lok Sabha Elections 2024

The PM further stated that Congress and its allies changed their poll strategy when they realised that they could not compete with the National Democratic Alliance (NDA)'s record of development and have decided to try and reinstate Article 370. 


PM Modi said, “When the Congress and its friends realised that they could not compete with NDA's track record of development, they changed their strategy. They are using anti-national agenda and appeasement. Now, Congress' agenda is that they will reinstate Article 370 in Kashmir.”

Mocking the Congress-led INDI Alliance, PM Modi said that the INDI bloc is not even close to winning the Lok Sabha 2024 race. He claimed that on Friday after the completion of the second phase of Lok Sabha polls, the BJP-NDA alliance is leading 2-0. The Prime Minister further claimed that if the Congress were to win the Lok Sabha Elections, it would abrogate the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).


INDI Bloc will have ‘Ek Saal, Ek PM’

Taking a jibe at the INDI bloc, PM Modi asked whether those who cannot even win Lok Sabha seats in three-digit numbers, can reach the door of forming a government at the Centre.

PM Modi also mentioned the rifts in the INDI bloc, stating they will have one prime minister every year. “Ek saal, ek PM…and if they stay in power for five years, then five prime ministers,” said PM Modi. He further alleged, “The Congress and INDI alliance are making speeches in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu demanding a separate country…Can the land of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ever accept this?”


Addressing Congress leader Sam Pitroda's comment on 'inheritance tax', PM Modi said, “The prince of Congress has announced that he will get your property, women's jewellery and gold-silver investigated. Congress will distribute your earnings among those who have the first right to it, as Congress people say. Congress can stoop to any level for appeasement.”

PM Modi asserted that the Congress and the INDIA bloc have two self goals "anti-nationalism and politics of hatred."


"The Congress and INDI Alliance have only one goal, form a government and mint money. However, we (the BJP / NDA government) have worked towards permanent solutions to the problems in the last 10 years. We focussed on the youth and women of the country. NDA ran the Aatmanirbhar initiative to promote businesses. NDA started the Startup India initiative to create opportunities for the youth," the PM said.

Karnataka Model of Reservation

PM Modi further accused the Congress of implementing its Karnataka model of reservation across the country. "Congress plans to implement its Karnataka model of reservation across the country. In Karnataka, the Congress government made all Muslims belong to OBC (Other Backward Castes), through a law, making them entitled to the OBC quota.


PM Modi also addressed a rally in South Goa today, where he promised development schemes for the state of Goa.

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