Published 15:01 IST, February 8th 2024

Cutest Video Of Hand-Sized Puppy Enjoying The 'Moment Of Life' On A Couch Goes Viral | WATCH

Viral: A hand-sized puppy, is shown in the video enjoying the "moment of life" with his owner

Reported by: Pritam Saha
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Video Of New Born Hand-Sized Puppy Goes Viral | Image: X

Viral: On social media, there are countless amazing videos. However, one of the most amazing videos on X, formerly Twitter, was the one featuring the puppy having a blast on the couch. What was so beautiful about this footage was that it was unlike anything else amazing you could find online. This involved neither visiting an unfamiliar nation nor trying out some incredible new food or shooting pictures of breathtaking buildings. Instead, a hand-sized puppy, is shown enjoying the "moment of life" with his owner!

It is possible that you are aware of the signs that indicate your dog is in love with you, but how do you express your love for them? The ways in which people and puppies express their affection varies significantly. A good neck rub can be like heaven for a dog, but you might find it strange if someone puts their fingers on your neck. In a similar situation, the dog in the video appeared to be relishing his time on the couch.


Watching a dog interact with its owner may melt anyone's heart; they are such adorably sweet animals. Puppies are incredibly kind to people and like forming relationships with them. Watching videos of dogs interacting with their owners is always entertaining. like this sweet footage that was shared on X, the former Twitter, and features a newborn puppy having a wonderful time with a human.

15:01 IST, February 8th 2024