Published 22:23 IST, May 29th 2024

Pune Top Cop Admits Four People Present In Porsche That Killed Two | Republic Exclusive

Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar confirmed that there were four people in the car at the time of the crash including two juveniles.

Reported by: Abhishek Tiwari
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Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar confessed, there were four people in the Porsche car after he was confronted by Arnab Goswami | Image: Republic

Pune: Republic Media Network has been closely following and probing the sensational Pune Porsche Car crash involving the super-rich brat, who killed two innocent techies driving rashly in an inebriated condition. Republic TV’s aggressive monitoring of the case has been parallelly unfolding truth after truth in the tragic case even though the entire system appeared to be providing a coverup to save the super-rich accused from the clutches of law. On Wednesday, when confronted by Republic Media Network’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami on a phone call in an exclusive conversation, Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar confirmed that there were four people in the car at the time of the crash including two juveniles.

Talking to Arnab Goswami, Amitesh Kumar confessed that there were four people in the car at the time of crash contradicting the facts mentioned in the FIR and stated that the driver was not on the wheels. As it was being claimed that a girl was also present in the car, the top Pune cop denied the claims.


Kumar maintained that the other three, who were present in the car, have recorded their statement before the police. At present, all the three people are witnesses, he claimed.  

When asked by Arnab, whether any MLA’s son was also present in the car during the crash, the Pune police commissioner asserted, "There was no MLA's son in the car. The driver was in the car along with the other two. But the driver was not behind the wheels."


As the loopholes in the Pune Police's handling of the Porsche Crash case are being exposed everyday, Maharashtra's Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has also made a big confession saying that he was in direct contact with Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar, however the latter didn’t disclose any details regarding Pawar's calls.  

Eyewitness Reveals Pune Porsche Coverup

Earlier, on Tuesday, in an exclusive revelation to Republic Media Network, a primary source disclosed that only four individuals exited the vehicle. Of the four, 2 of them were in the back seat and Super Brat was at the wheel. The source, who was present at the accident scene where the Porsche struck and killed two techies, Aneesh and Ashwani, confirmed there was no driver at the scene.


The primary source also disclosed that the driver suddenly appeared at the police station, having not been present at the accident site. This appearance at the police station was surprising to the source, who did not see the driver at the scene.

The eyewitness claimed to have seen an NCP MLA at the police station. He was apparently seen talking to a cop at Pune Police Station. He even said that immediately after the accident, two individuals came out of the car and fled in different directions.


The 17-year-old rich brat came out of the car from the driver's side. He was pulled out from the driver's side, confirming he was driving at the time of the accident.  

Pune Porsche Crash Case

The accident took place in the early hours of May 19 and two people were killed when the speeding luxury car driven by a juvenile hit their motorcycle in Pune city. The accident took place around 3.15 am in Kalyani Nagar when a group of friends after a party at a restaurant in the area was returning home on their motorbikes.


Near the Kalyani Nagar junction, the Porsche hit one of the motorcycles following which its two riders fell from the vehicle and died on the spot, as per the FIR.

After knocking down the duo, the car crashed into the roadside pavement railings, it said. A video surfaced on social media wherein a group of people was seen thrashing the driver as he tried to come out of the crashed car.

The deceased were identified as Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa. Further legal action into the matter is being taken. 

17:53 IST, May 29th 2024