Published 12:31 IST, May 13th 2024

Restaurants Offering Discount To Voters, Encouraging Higher Turnout In LokSabha Elections 2024

Businesses nationwide offer discounts to voters, aiming to boost turnout and civic engagement in Indian elections.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
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Restaurants Offering Discount To Voters, Encouraging Higher Turnout | Image: Unsplash

As India strides through its democratic exercise, businesses are stepping up to the plate to bolster voter engagement. With three phases of voting completed and the fourth currently underway, concerns about declining voter turnout compared to the 2019 elections have prompted innovative initiatives to encourage citizens to exercise their franchise.

In a bid to invigorate voter participation, hotels and restaurants are offering enticing discounts to voters who proudly display their inked fingers post-voting. This move aims not only to incentivize voting but also to foster a sense of civic responsibility among the populace.



One such beacon of this initiative shines bright in Mahabaleshwar, where Meghna Food Studio, nestled near Nakinda bus stop, is extending a remarkable 25% discount to voters. Owner Naresh Jain, fueled by a sense of duty towards nation-building, shares, "I was planning to do something for voter awareness because I believe it’s also a part of nation-building." He underscores the significance of voting, especially for the youth, stating, “Especially the youth should know that it’s not just our right to vote but also our duty.”


In the bustling streets of Delhi, businesses around Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, and Delhi Gate are rallying behind the cause. Deepak Mehta, president of the Old Delhi Hotel Association, announced discounts of up to 25% for voters. Deputy Commissioner Abhishek Mishra of Karol Bagh Zone elucidates, “The initiative aims to encourage citizens to actively participate in the democratic process and fulfill their civic duty.”



Mumbai, with all six constituencies gearing up for the fifth phase, witnesses a surge of support from hotels and restaurants. Spearheaded by the Hotel and Restaurant Association (Western India) – HRAWI, the "Pledge To Vote" campaign offers 10-20% discounts to customers who cast their votes. This initiative aims to promote voter awareness and amplify participation in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Solan, Himachal Pradesh:

Even the serene locales of Solan are not untouched by this wave of civic engagement. With the district administration's 'Eat Pure, Vote For Sure' campaign gaining momentum, hotels and restaurants in Solan are extending a 20% discount to voters. Deputy Commissioner Manmohan Sharma reveals the administration's partnership with numerous establishments, emphasising their collective push to encourage people to vote.


From cinema halls to mobile phone shops, businesses across India are joining hands in this noble endeavour, offering discounts on voting days in their respective regions. This collaborative effort underscores the importance of active participation in the democratic process, transcending geographical boundaries to uphold the spirit of democracy.

As citizens exercise their right to vote, they not only shape the destiny of the nation but also reaffirm the foundation of democracy – by the people, for the people, and of the people.


11:57 IST, May 13th 2024