Published 17:51 IST, May 2nd 2024

Scammer Gets Nervous Trying to Trick Comedian, Here's What Happened Next

Scammer posed as Delhi Police official, implicated Joshi's Aadhaar card in drug trafficking

Reported by: Navya Dubey
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Comedian Rohan Joshi shares his encounter with a scammer | Image: IANS

Viral Video: A well known comedian Rohan Joshi recently shared a rather funny encounter with a scammer  who tried to scam him using the infamous fake courier scheme.

Rohan Joshi, known for his humor and comedy posted the video on Instagram, labeling it as the "greatest scam call" he ever received.


During the call, a person pretending to be from the Delhi Police and Customs informed Joshi that his Aadhaar card was linked to a drug trafficking case from Delhi to Cambodia. Such scams usually exploit individuals by concocting false tales of their participation in unlawful activities and pressuring them into transferring money to the scammers' accounts.

However, Joshi caught on to the scam when he asked the scammer about the specifics of the alleged drug shipment. The scammer's mistake in mentioning "MMDA" instead of the correct term "MDMA" (commonly known as ecstasy) exposed the fraudulent nature of the call.


Fortunately, Joshi didn’t lose any money. However, his encounter highlights the concerning frequency of such scams, which have left numerous victims financially ruined over time. It's a reminder for everyone to stay cautious and skeptical of unexpected calls or messages, particularly those claiming to be from government agencies or law enforcement.

17:51 IST, May 2nd 2024