Published 15:14 IST, May 2nd 2024

Swiggy Pays Rs 5,000 For Missing Ice-Cream: Court Slams "Death By Chocolate" Delivery Fail

Bengaluru consumer court orders Swiggy to compensate customer Rs 5,000 for missing 'Nutty death by chocolate ice-cream'.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
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Swiggy Pays Rs 5,000 For Missing Ice-Cream: Court Slams "Death By Chocolate" Delivery Fail | Image: Unsplash

In a recent ruling, a Bengaluru consumer court has mandated Swiggy, the renowned food delivery platform, to compensate a dissatisfied customer with Rs 5,000 for the absence of a coveted dessert – the 'Nutty death by chocolate ice-cream'.

The incident traces back to January 2023 when the aggrieved customer placed an order worth Rs 187 for the tempting treat. Despite the delivery agent purportedly collecting the order from the ice-cream parlour, the customer found themselves in a state of disappointment as the sweet delight failed to materialise. Despite Swiggy's app marking the order as 'delivered', the ice cream remained as elusive as a mythical creature.


Efforts to resolve the issue amicably through Swiggy's customer support proved futile, prompting the customer to seek justice through legal channels. The consumer court swiftly intervened and delivered its verdict, ordering Swiggy to compensate the customer with Rs 5,000. Of this amount, Rs 3,000 was designated as compensation for the customer's distress, with an additional Rs 2,000 earmarked for covering legal expenses. The court categorically condemned Swiggy's actions as a 'deficiency of service' and an 'unfair trade practice'.

According to an Instagram post shared by @bengaluruhub__, Swiggy attempted to distance itself from culpability by asserting its role as a mere intermediary between customers and restaurants. The company invoked the protective provisions of the Information Technology Act, contending its inability to verify the order's delivery status despite the app's assertion.


This ruling underscores the responsibilities and liabilities of food delivery platforms in ensuring seamless service and customer satisfaction. While technology can streamline processes, it also demands accountability from platforms like Swiggy in safeguarding consumer interests. 

15:14 IST, May 2nd 2024