Published 15:07 IST, May 17th 2024

Assaultgate: 51-Second Video From Kejriwal's House Emerges | WATCH

Maliwal can be heard saying, “I have called 112. Let the police come, I will talk after that.”

Reported by: Manisha Roy
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51-Sec Video of Swati Maliwal Engaging in Argument Inside Kejriwal's House Emerges | WATCH | Image: Republic

New Delhi: Amid ongoing controversy over the alleged assault on Swati Maliwal, a 51-second video has emerged wherein the AAP MP can be seen indulging in an argument with staff at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's house. In a video that has not been independently verified by Republic World, AAP MP Swati Maliwal can be heard arguing with the staff at Kejriwal's residence as they ask her to leave. In the clip, Maliwal also asked the guards to make her speak to the DCP while they continued to persuade her to leave the hall.

Refusing to leave the area, Swati, who insisted on making the call from the room, was countered by them saying that calling the police was not allowed from CM’s house. She also dared them to do whatever they could in their capacity to stop her. “I have called 112. Let the police come, I will talk after that", Maliwal told the staff. 


One of the guards then said, "We are humbly requesting. Police will not enter the house. Please come with me (intending to direct her to outside the house). The 51-second-long video ends with the altercation still ongoing.

God is Watching: Maliwal Reacts Sharply to The Video

Soon after the video went viral, Maliwal took to X and said, ”Like every time, this time also this political hitman has started efforts to save himself. By getting his people to tweet and playing videos without any context, he thinks he can save himself by committing this crime. Who makes a video of someone being beaten up? The truth will be revealed to everyone as soon as the CCTV footage of the house and the room is checked.


“Fall to whatever level you can, God is watching everything. One day everyone's truth will come out in front of the world,” she further wrote.

Shocking Scale of Assault Revealed in FIR 

In the assault gate, some disturbing details have come to the fore as Maliwal narrated the gut-wrenching ordeal to the Delhi police Thursday evening, disclosing the shocking scale of assault. Revealing the magnitude of the alleged assault, Maliwal, sources say, informed the Delhi Police how Bibhav Kumar (personal secretary & close aide of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and primary accused in the matter) kept hitting her in the lower abdomen even as she kept pleading for him to stop the abuse while also explicitly mentioning that she was menstruating at the time as she was on her periods. And how she stormed out of the residence of Kejriwal – who was very much present at the time of the assault — to make a frantic call at the police station, informing the officials about the ghastly incident. 


Republic has learnt from reliable sources that the FIR filed in connection with the assault mentions the sequence of events in which the horrendous acts of abuse took place at Kejriwal's house on a dreadful Monday.  

From Bibhav dastardly pushing Maliwal back during an altercation to him slapping her without provocation and allegedly punching her in the stomach, some extremely unsettling details have emerged from the FIR lodged in the matter. 


In a chilling claim, Maliwal has alleged that she was kicked and hit repeatedly, including on her chest and lower abdomen.  The AAP MP has also informed the Delhi Police that Bibhav had hurled abuses at her, allegedly using cuss words against her. 

Furthermore, as Maliwal – who was “wailing in pain” at the time – tried to resist Bibhav's advances at her, he reportedly threatened the AAP MP, saying, “dekh lenge, niptaa denge (we will see to it, and we will settle it)”. 


The gruesome act took place inside the drawing room of Arvind Kejriwal's house, and the Delhi CM was present there at the time of assault, sources told Republic, citing details from the FIR.

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