Published 16:09 IST, May 25th 2024

Viral Video: AC 3-Tier Of Brahmaputra Express Taken Over By General Passengers At Patna Junction

A viral video is taking rounds of internet shows how ticketless passengers boarded AC-3 tier coach of Brahmaputra Express train at Patna junction.

Reported by: Rishi Shukla
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Ticketless passengers boarded AC-3 Tier of Brahmaputra express, viral video | Image: X

Patna/Viral News: A viral video is taking rounds of internet showing ticketless passengers occupying AC-3 tier coach of Brahmaputra Express train at Patna junction.

The viral video shared by @_VIJAY_KUMAR on social media X is spreading like a wildfire amassing over 467.6K views so far and counting. The viral video also comes with an interesting caption that says, ‘This is AC-3 at 15658 BRAHMAPUTRA EXP at Patna Junction. My family and I had to fight to get into the train & then to get our confirmed seat. AC-3 has been taken over by general passengers. No one cares for any rule.’


The viral video post also tags @RailMinIndia @AshwiniVaishnaw @narendramodi @NWRailways seeking appropriate action in this regards.

In the viral video of Brahmaputra express we can see how passengers are stuffed in the AC-3 coach like cattels creating trouble for passengers with reserved seats.


Not only this but when the train reached Ara Junction delayed by 1.49 Hours some more ticketless passengers boarded AC-3 coach leaving no space to go to the bathroom. 

Vijay Kumar in his tweet further says, ‘I had booked 8 seats for me & my family but only have access to 6 as general passengers have taken over the train. People with general tickets are also in AC-3 & people without tickets are also in AC-3. While talking with some people, I got to know that there are exams going.’


'I understand that this is all due to that, but why can't @RailMinIndia or Govt. of India take some steps to help students. Introduce some passenger trains or something why always the general public have to suffer. What's even the use of confirmed ticket,' said Kumar.

Watch Viral Brahmaputra Express Video Here:


Netizens on the other hand are sharing their thoughts and experiences in the comment section.

One user wrote, ‘50 yrs back, it was the same in Bihar. My amma used to tell me.  Reserved means it's a free for all in Bihar since then.  No surprise it continues even now....’


Another user wrote, ‘please do look into these there are multiple scenes across northern states.’

One more user says, ‘In most of the north states they don't bother whether the seats are reserved or not in whatever the coach, especially Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.’

This is not the first incident of its kind; a few months ago, a similar incident occurred in Kaifiyaat Express when passengers with reserved seats were stopped from entering their coach, resulting in clashes between reserved passengers and ticketless passengers.

The rail authority has not responded to this viral video of Brahmaputra express yet, raising serious concern over how railways manage the entire system.




16:09 IST, May 25th 2024