Published 14:30 IST, June 2nd 2024

Viral Video: Delhi Street Food Stall Under Fire After Customer Finds Dead Lizard In Chhole Bhature

Customer finds dead lizard in Delhi street food stall's chhole bhature, sparking concern over hygiene standards in Indian street food.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
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Food Stall Under Fire After Customer Finds Dead Lizard In Chhole Bhature | Image: X: @gharkekalesh

Indian street food is famous for its taste, spice, and variety, but apart from this, the food is also famous for other things, which are unhygienic ness, an unhealthy cooking style, and sometimes unexpected guests in the food. And the recent viral video is a heartbreak for the lovers of Chhole Bhature, which is the favourite breakfast for the Delhiites. 

In this viral video, the customer finds a dead lizard in a bhatura in Delhi. And the customer was fumed with this and was calling the owner of the stall and shouting. Later in the video, the lady took one plate of chhole bhature to her residence, found the dead lizard, and brought the plate back. 


The customer also recorded the confrontation with the food stall owner, who accepted his fault and said he'd take care and make sure it wouldn’t happen again. The customer also asked about the location in which he put his stall. In reply, the man said, On Monday, Bazar Sector 15, on Tuesday, Jahangirpuri, on Wednesday, Avantika, on Thursday, the stall is placed on Sector 13, on Friday, it's on Sector 16, on Saturday, the shop is in Sector 7, and Sunday is off day. 

And the name of this shop is Rajkamal Chhole Bhature. 


Check out the video:

The viral video was posted on microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter) by the user Ghar ke kalesh, who is popular for posting kalesh (fight) videos. The caption of the video reads, “Kalesh over a Customer found De@d Lizard in chole bhature while Eating in Delhi.” 

This is not the first time something like this has happened; in June last year, the same incident took place in Chandigarh when a customer found a live lizard in his Chhole Bhature plate. 


User’s reactions to the post:

One of the users said, “Nowadays Street food & Hygiene are poles apart

Avoid eating out as much as possible.”



“This maybe true/fake. When it comes to preparing or serving food, Maintaining hygiene & standards is non negotiable!”



“Don't understand why do people eat outside in India . Given we all know how hygienically they make them.... Even in shiny restaurants they don't even wash veggies.” 


“Hygiene in Indian street food is a joke. Be careful when eating, only eat from trusted places.”


“Veg keh sath non-veg free.”


“Just name it chinese chole bhature and it would bang.”

14:30 IST, June 2nd 2024