Published 08:02 IST, May 6th 2024

Viral Video: Horrifying Video Of Family Fearlessly Doing Puja With Live Black Cobra | WATCH

Viral Video: For Hindus, the video is a tribute to ageless traditions and timeless values.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
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Terrifying Video Of Family Fearlessly Performing Puja With Live Black Cobra | Image: Instagram

Viral: A family is shown to be fully involved in a religious event despite the presence of a black cobra snake in a video that has gone viral on social media and scared people all over the world. The family, which includes a priest, is shown performing the ceremony in the middle of the serpent with amazing calmness in the now-viral video. The family members seem cool as they carry out the ceremony in an amazing show of disregard for the potentially harmful reptile. This fearlessness has shocked viewers since it defies the normal fearful response to seeing a snake.

The video, which was first posted on Instagram by user ‘Omkar Sanatanii’, has received thousands of views and prompted a lot of discussion from curious netizens. Across a variety of social media channels, the viral video keeps sparking conversations and responses. The significance of snake worship in Hinduism is explained in the caption that goes with the video. It explores Hindu religious rituals' deep regard for Lord Shiva and the Naga god, emphasizing their crucial functions.


In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is a central figure who is respected in both his formless and apparent forms. Shiva worship involves a number of rituals, including devotional expressions, chanting, meditation, and temple visits. Similarly, the Naga deity, who is frequently portrayed as snakes, is very significant in Hinduism. Nagas are worshipped extensively in Hindu culture and are said to have originated by Lord Vishnu's grace, according to Hindu myths. Across India, people celebrate festivals like Naga Puja and Naga Panchami, during which they visit Naga temples and make offerings of milk, sweets, fruits, and other items.

Enhancing the spiritual fabric of Indian culture, Shiva and the Naga god represent different facets of divinity and cosmic powers in Hindu mythology. In the Hindu community, the video is a monument to the timeless customs and values that stay relevant.

08:01 IST, May 6th 2024