Published 17:13 IST, June 7th 2024

Who are Lok Sabha’s 7 Independent MPs?

According to media reports, the seven Independent MPs elected to the Lok Sabha have thrown their support to the NDA.

Reported by: Isha Bhandari
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Who are Lok Sabha’s 7 Independent MPs? Are they with NDA or INDI alliance? | Image: X

New Delhi: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi gears up for his swearing-in ceremony, scheduled for Sunday at 6 pm, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is solidifying its support base with allies reaffirming their commitment. Amidst this political maneuvering, attention has turned to the seven Independent Members of Parliament elected to the Lok Sabha allegedly throwing their support to the NDA.

Who are these 7 Independents MPs? 

1. Vishal Patil:


Formerly associated with the Congress, Vishal Patil clinched victory in the Sangli constituency as an Independent. Despite his familial ties with the Congress, he has pledged his support to the party, citing ideological alignment. His decision bolsters the Congress's strength in the Lok Sabha.

2. Amritpal Singh:


A controversial figure, Amritpal Singh, secured a win in the Khadoor Sahib seat in Punjab. With a history rooted in radical activism, Singh remains incarcerated under the National Security Act. Despite speculation, he is unlikely to align with the NDA, drawing support instead from sympathizers within Punjab's political landscape.

3. Sheikh Abdul Rashid:


Engineer Rashid's triumph in the Baramulla Lok Sabha seat marks a significant electoral upset. Known for his outspoken views, Rashid's tenure has been marred by legal battles, including charges under anti-terror laws. While his victory underscores shifting political dynamics in Kashmir, his stance on aligning with the NDA remains unclear.

4. Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav:


Pappu Yadav's victory in Bihar's Purnea constituency adds a layer of complexity to the NDA's coalition calculus. Formerly aligned with the Jan Adhikar Party, Yadav's decision to contest independently reflects intra-party dynamics within Bihar's political landscape. His support is anticipated to lean towards the Congress, further consolidating the opposition's stance.

5. Mohmad Haneefa:


Emerging victorious in Ladakh, Mohmad Haneefa's win underscores the region's historical significance in Indian electoral politics. While sources indicate Haneefa's reluctance to join the NDA, his potential alignment with the INDI alliance remains speculative, leaving room for further political maneuvering.

6. Sarabjeet Singh Khalsa:

Securing victory in Faridkot, Sarabjeet Singh Khalsa's familial ties evoke intrigue within Punjab's political milieu. With roots tracing back to significant historical events, Khalsa's campaign resonated with local sentiments, focusing on key issues such as sacrilege incidents and agrarian concerns. His stance on political alignment remains undisclosed.

7. Patel Umeshbhai Babubhai:

Umeshbhai Babubhai's triumph in Daman and Diu disrupts established political dynamics within the Union Territory. His victory over BJP heavyweight Lalu Patel highlights underlying tensions, with Babubhai's criticism of incumbent administrators adding a layer of complexity. Babubhai's political leanings are currently uncertain, adding suspense to the unfolding political narrative.

16:19 IST, June 7th 2024