Published 19:21 IST, April 21st 2024

This Viral 'Chocolate Iddli' Invites Netizens To Experiment With Their Taste Buds

Surat’s new chocolate idli creation with some sprinklings and syrup has attracted mixed reactions on the internet.

Reported by: Navya Dubey
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This video cross 11 millions views. | Image: Instagram

Viral Videos: A dessert like no other, Surat’s latest chocolate idli has gone viral on social media. A video from Curly Tales on Instagram is showing off another interesting food mashup, getting everyone's attention.

In the viral video, a person is shown preparing some fresh Idlis before adding chocolate syrup to them along with crushed pieces of chocolate. One plate of this idli dessert will set you back Rs 110. The restaurant serving this new dessert is named Grenee Lp Savani and is located in the Dudhwala Chowpatty Food Court beside the Toyota showroom, near Hari Om Circle. The video has now been viewed more than 9.45 lakh times on Instagram.


Watch the video here: 



The video crossed more than 9.45 lakh on Instagram.

One of them wrote, “I take personal offence as a Tamilian after watching this video.” Another commented, “These are the moments I feel embarrassed being based in Surat.” In one reply, a netizen suggested that they would likely see a red velvet version of idli as well, in the future. “Soon…we can see red velvet idli trending,” he wrote. Another jokingly said, “Why should Dosa have all the fun.” One user felt that food items had started losing their originality due to these innovations. “Nonsense. In the name of Innovation the original things are getting sacrificed,” he said.



This isn’t the first time someone has experimented with the South Indian delicacy. A couple of months back, the internet saw a food vendor make an ice cream roll out of idli. The video was shared by a food vlogger named Sukri Jain. The clip began with the vendor chopping the idli into small pieces. He then poured some red chutney, coconut chutney, sambhar and ice cream all over the idli. He mixed all the ingredients before flattening the mixture on a cold plate. As the video ended, the vendor could be seen plating his creation by garnishing it with half an idli and some chutney. That video was shared on January 17, garnering more than 13 million views



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