Published 13:28 IST, May 27th 2024

How to get the WhatsApp green tick verification?

WANotifier aims to empower small and medium-sized enterprises to tap into WhatsApp’s vast user base, while being cost-effective.

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WANotifie | Image: WANotifier

In the fast-paced and highly saturated digital marketing realm of today, WhatsApp has become an integral channel for global communication. It offers a secured space for businesses to engage with their target audience. WhatsApp marketing can amplify customer engagement and personalized communication, thereby strengthening brand loyalty and driving sales. However, small and medium scale businesses often face challenges in effectively leveraging WhatsApp for marketing. Due to the lack of reliable tools that run the marketing campaigns in compliance with WhatsApp’s stringent policies, risk of number bans due to improper messaging prevails.

Bridging the gap with WANotifier:

Recognising these gaps, WANotifier, an innovative tool designed to make WhatsApp marketing on scale accessible for all businesses, was introduced into the market. It stands out as the first and only free software that uses WhatsApp’s Cloud API to send messages, thus eliminating the risk of number bans. Businesses can thereby engage securely with their audience. WANotifier aims to empower small and medium-sized enterprises to tap into WhatsApp’s vast user base, while being cost-effective.


Getting the WhatsApp green tick verification: 

For brands and businesses that are looking to establish their presence and authenticity on social media, acquiring the green tick verification on WhatsApp is crucial. The green tick signifies that WhatsApp has verified the business account, which can enhance the brand’s credibility and customer loyalty. Below is a guide to obtain this verification:

  1. Meeting WhatsApp’s eligibility criteria:

To be considered for verification, the business must:

  • use WhatsApp Business API
  • have a registered business name that matches the brand
  • Ensure the business contact number is active and associated with the WhatsApp Business account
  1. Applying for WhatsApp Business API:

Through an official Business Solution Provider (BSP) like WANotifier, the business has to apply for access to the Whatsapp Business API. The application process involves providing details about the business and demonstrating the API usage plan.

  1. Setting up WhatsApp business profile:

The business profile should be professionally set up. It should include:

  • a clear and recognizable business identity
  • a good quality profile picture, preferably the brand logo
  • accurate information on address, website and business description
  1. Using official channels and compliance:

Sending business-initiated messages to over 1,000 people daily through the official API can heighten the chances of acquiring the green badge. This activity shows WhatsApp that the business is active and serious in its marketing efforts. WANotifier helps the businesses to efficiently manage large-scale WhatsApp campaigns without any technical hiccups. It also guarantees that the messages are going through the official API, which is a coherent part of compliance.

  1. Requesting verification through BSP:

Once the account is set up and the official API is being used for marketing campaigns, it is time to request for authentication through the BSP. At Meta Business Manager, go to “Business Settings”, then “WhatsApp Accounts” and select the account to be verified. The next steps are as follows:


- Click on “Settings”

- Go to “Contact Support”


- Choose “Ask a question”

- Select “WABiz: Request official business account status”

The function then prompts to submit supporting documents and information. 

  1. Engaging professionally and consistently:

A waiting period of a few days follows the application submission. Meanwhile, the brand should maintain their customer engagement endeavors. Smooth and professional interactions that demonstrate the brand’s authenticity and consistency, increase the chances of getting verified. 

WhatsApp marketing is a crucial strategy for new-age business models aiming to engage with their audience at a personal level. With WANotifier, businesses now have a reliable tool to tap into WhatsApp’s extensive reach and potential. By following the above steps and using WANotifier for systematic large scale marketing campaigns on WhatsApp, the brands can earn the green tick badge that establishes their credibility, authenticity and customer loyalty.

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