Published 11:21 IST, April 23rd 2024

World Book Day: Striving for Exciting Stories and Anecdotes! Best Books to Read in 2024

This world book day lets dive into books and authors giving us exciting stories and anecdotes to read. Here are 8 authors and books to go through.

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Best books to read in 2024 | Image: Source

This world book day lets dive into books and authors giving us exciting stories and anecdotes to read. Here are 8 authors and books to go through.

1). Urja Joshi, Author of 3:40 a.m. FROM HEART TO HEAD


Named after the most vulnerable, introspective, mysterious,poetic & honest hour of the day. “3:40 a.m.” is a poetic take on the constant tug of war between the head & the heart, a forever battle between logic & emotion.

It takes the reader on a journey starting from “grieving” & ending on “acceptance”. Narrated by a fearless character Zara,the book is a roller coaster of emotions ranging from desperation, emptiness, anxiety, the denial, heartache, betrayal, depression to letting it go, joy, love, union, art, hope, growth & so much more than one can imagine. 


It’s art in its most raw form & in its most relatable state. A book that can’t wait to be explored by its readers, and a book that can’t wait to transform your life.

Urja joshi is a young published author, illustrator, podcaster, song writer, performer, speaker, and much more. Her interest in writing runs back to an early age of 7.


2)- Devika Das, Author of  Meghna 

Enter the immersive world of "Meghna," a poignant Hindi novella delving into the life of a passionate theatre artist. From auditions to standing ovations, follow Meghna's journey through the labyrinth of spotlights and emotions. Experience the highs of artistic triumphs and the lows of heartbreaks, as she navigates the demanding landscape of the stage. Through her eyes, discover the raw reality of a theatre actor's existence, where dreams collide with harsh realities. "Meghna" offers readers a glimpse into the relentless pursuit of artistic truth and the indomitable spirit that propels one forward on the grand stage of life.


Devika Das, an acclaimed author and actor based in Hyderabad, showcases her narrative finesse in "Meghna," a Hindi novella by Anecdote Publishing House. Her children's book "The Climate Ninja" has delighted audiences, published by Merlinwand. She has won National Awards for her short films.

3)- N. Ashok Kumar, Author of Ignis Fatuus: The Delusions Created in You and for You


The Book. Ignis Fatuus: The Delusions Created in You and for You by N. Ashok Kumar, offers insights on how investors are cheated by academicians, the media, the asset management company, the fund managers and other experts. These experts create a world of delusions (called ignis fatuus in Latin) to feed the investors’ desire to earn money quickly. The Book describes the environment that has been created in the financial sector and how it facilitates fraud and deception. The 10 most-common statements that experts make which create the world of ignis fatuus (delusions) for investors are examined. Evidence is provided to show why all the statements that promise investors high returns amount to a misrepresentation or fraud.

N. Ashok Kumar has more than 40 years of experience in the financial sector. He has written 4 books and numerous articles in the subjects of economics, finance, life insurance and non-conventional energy.

4)- Karishma Udit Chhatrapati, Author of, Gambles of the Heart

In "Gambles of the Heart”, readers are invited into the lives of Nida Mehra, an addiction recovery coach, and Paresh Shah, a former gambler, against the vibrant backdrop of contemporary India. The narrative gracefully explores themes of healing, forgiveness, and the indomitable human spirit. Through Nida and Paresh's intertwined stories, the novel delves into the complexities of addiction, revealing the transformative influence of human connections. As readers journey through the characters' trials and triumphs, they witness the profound impact of love and redemption in overcoming challenges and embracing hope for the future.

Karishma Udit Chhatrapati, an Emotional wellness expert with over 25+ years of experience, is also a tedx speaker who is also drawing from her diverse background as a Life coach, Psychotherapist, Counselling Psychologist,Breathwork, Meditation & Mindfulness Mentor, Lifestyle Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, and Writer, Karishma envisions a world where individuals thrive with emotional well-being.

5)- Ruchi Sharma, Author of The Perfect Storm

What started as an innocent dalliance and illicit obsession on part of an old stooge, Mr. Hawthorn, soon turned into the theft of the priceless trinket called “Moonshine”. Further chaos ensues resulting in a forbidden romance between a young couple. Caught between the budding affair and an impromptu visit by an international jewel thief, the Porthole spiralled into a scandal which would leave tongues wagging for unforeseen times.

The author was able to infuse life to the setting of the story. She treated some non-living things and animals as one of the characters. This is bound to intrigue and entertain the readers. Through effective description, the author was able to immerse us into her world. In addition to that, the book’s fast pacing and brilliant climax make it a compelling read. Ruchi Sharma is an Indian author currently based in dubai. She has been a storyteller since the age of 5.

6)- Monisha K Gumber, Author of Teen Trilogy 

Teen Trilogy is a light-hearted yet ground-breaking take on challenges teens face and how lost they could feel without kindness, trust and empathy. The book is a visual delight, presented through a fascinating combination of words and illustrations.

Monisha K Gumber is amongst a handful of Indian authors who tackle issues faced by contemporary desi teens. Her popular YA graphic novels, Sick of being Healthy, Dying to Live, and Dolly won’t Play, are now combined and offered as a complete package titled 'Teen Trilogy'.  The book focuses on the wacky lives of three close friends, who deal with their unique experiences with boys, school, online lives, and never-ending expectations of society in general. Her narrative can get hard-hitting, raw, and intense at times, which has garnered thousands of ardent online followers. Monisha is also the founder of Vachi Audiobooks, a YouTube channel dedicated to creating fun yet meaningful content through simple stories and spiritual poetry.

7)- Professor Uttam Pati, Author of Mind Phenomenon 

This book interprets the mind-body relationship in a new, futuristic, scientific proposition, in explaining how cellular consciousness across our body is an integral part of our thought process. The reader is self-guided through an intuitive rationalization mode, to realize how the trillions of cellular minds in liaison with the unit mind control our thought, polarities, and propensities. A new entity called the unit particle, is proposed to initiate the expression of mind in a body, and is responsible for the origin of both negative and positive existence. A reversal of negative thought, disease process, at will, has thoroughly been discussed.

Professor Uttam Pati, is an emeritus scientist, biotechnologist, former Dean, School of Biotechnology, Jawaharlal Nehru University. He got his PhD from University of New Brunswick, Canada. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute, Germany, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and at the Yale University School of Medicine, USA. He also served as a faculty member at the Augusta Medical College, Georgia. His pioneering research has been in tumor biology, oxygen therapy and drug design. He is the author of Mind Phenomenon and Verses of Reason.

8. Dr. Titty Varghese, Author of Messages from the spirit world to psychic medium Theresa

This book primarily seeks to provide a deeper comprehension of the afterlife and the spiritual realm to a global audience. This book uncovers the genuine nature of existence of spirit world following physical death and the fate of the soul thereafter. There are primarily 7 spiritual realms. Our karma will decide the domain to which a person’s soul will go after death. This book aims to relay knowledge from the spiritual realm that was directly conveyed to Psychic Medium Theresa during personal sessions by souls, Devatas, Angels, Archangels, Mother Mary, and her own Father Late Mr. P.D Varghese.

Dr. Titty Varghese, who holds a PhD in Political Science, is also recognized as Psychic Medium Theresa. She is employed as a researcher and educational consultant in Europe. Her spouse Dr. Vishnu Muraleedharan, PhD is a novelist. She has psychic abilities bestowed to her by God from her childhood itself. She could perceive the apparitions of souls, spirit guides, angels, Mother Mary, etc. and can hear them.

11:21 IST, April 23rd 2024