Published 18:29 IST, June 9th 2024

Is This NYC-Based influencer's 15 Step Hand Care Routine Worth Your While?

Have a look at Victoria's, who goes by @elysian_living on Instagram, viral 15 step handcare routine.

Reported by: Nitin Waghela
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Viral hand-care routine | Image: @elysian_living

While netizens have shown mixed responses to social-media influencer Victoria's 15 step handcare routine, it's one of the most wholesome ways to indulge in self-care for a a body part's that noticeable every time you meet someone new be it on a date or a professional setting. Sure, Victoria aka (elysian_living's) handcare is a step-up from from regular manicure or trimming your nails, but it's what cold give them a new leash of life.

Victoria's intricate handcare regime

Labelled as 'My High Maintenance to be low maintenance part 5', the 15-step process involves everything you could fathom of from cleansing, drying, to use of steam, hand masks, and even red-light therapy. The process is that time-consuming, which proves to be it's only downfall yet, that Victoria has includes a poppi break in between this skincare regime.

Image credit: elysian_living

The viral hand care regime video, which has garnered 9.8 million views on Instagram alone, shows Victoria cleansing her hands using mouse, drying them, and later using steam to dry them. Post which the skincare influencer, exfoliates, oils, and shave her hands. After such a tiring process, she feels the need for a poppi break while her hands are covered under a nourishing mask.

The skincare enthusiast is also seen making use of paraffin wax that she applies on her hands, which later even undergo a red-light therapy and gua-sha, an ancient east-Asian technique utilizing a smooth-edged tool to produce light petechiae. It's also known to improve blood circulation, and cause lymphatic drainage. This method has widely gained grabbed the attention of skincare enthusiasts and netizens alike on social-media platforms.


The lingering questions on every individual that prioritizes skincare's in a fast-paced world where trends fade out faster than people get to know about them, is it really something we incorporate in our daily lives.




18:29 IST, June 9th 2024