Published 20:10 IST, May 28th 2024

Moisturisers To Body Oils: Here's How To Enhance Your Body Care Routine for Soft, Supple Skin

Enhance your body care routine is crucial for maintaining soft, supple skin. The first step to this, is to avoid over exfoliating your body.

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Moisturiser | Image: Freepik

Elevating your body care routine is crucial for maintaining soft, supple skin. While facial beauty products often receive significant attention, the rest of your skin needs equal care. Here are four essential tips to enhance your body care regimen.

Don’t underestimate moisturizer

Moisturizing after a shower is vital to prevent dry, dull skin. Excessive use of soaps can strip the skin's natural protective barrier, making it essential to replenish with moisturizers. Daily moisturizing, especially after hot showers, helps restore lipids and ceramides essential for the skin's protective barrier.


Choose products formulated for specific body areas—use richer creams for dry elbows and lighter lotions for arms and legs.


Go easy on body oils

Body oils are trending on social media for their instant softness. However, Body oils do not truly hydrate the skin. While they nourish and soften, they lack the aqueous actives necessary for hydration. Complement oils with creams or lotions that meet the skin's hydration needs for the best results.

Limit exfoliation

Exfoliation is beneficial for skin regeneration but should not be overdone. Over-exfoliating can disrupt the skin's balance, leading to increased oil production. Exfoliate two to three times a week, unless using gentler tonics. Monitor your skin’s response—redness or excess oiliness may signal overuse of active ingredients.


Adjust the frequency accordingly to maintain healthy, radiant skin.


Avoid the Plof effect

The 'plof effect' describes the disappointment when products fail to meet expectations. New skincare products, especially those with active ingredients like retinol and exfoliating acids, require an adaptation period. Introduce new products gradually, similar to starting a gym routine. Allow 15 days to a month for the skin to adjust. This gradual introduction helps the skin acclimate and prevents adverse reactions.

Implementing these tips can significantly improve your body care routine, ensuring your skin remains soft, hydrated, and healthy.


20:10 IST, May 28th 2024