Published 13:49 IST, February 12th 2024

Chennai Government Bans Sale Of Cotton Candy In Puducherry, Know Why

According to a directive issued by the Puducherry Lieutenant Governor said that the food safety inspectors found a dangerous chemical in cotton candy.

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Cotton Candy | Image: Unsplash

Puducherry has banned the colorful, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy. This famous snack has been prohibited by the state government after it was found to contain hazardous ingredients. According to a directive issued by Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan, food safety inspectors tested cotton candy that was being sold in the Union Territory and discovered the presence of a dangerous chemical known as "Rhodamine-B." After this, it has been mandated that cotton candy sales be prohibited in the area. 

Puducherry Lieutenant Governor bans cotton candy 

The order issued by the Lieutenant Governor said, “Those who have not got the quality certificate can immediately approach the food safety department and get it. After that, they can start selling cotton candy. The faster they get the food safety certification, the faster they can start their business. Until then, the sale of cotton candy is banned."


The governor also shared a video on her Instagram handle addressing the issue. In her appeal, she said, “It has been found that a toxic substance named Rhodamine B is being used in the cotton candies that are consumed by children and others in Puducherry.”



She added that all cotton candy shops have been ordered to be inspected by government officials. The stores will be closed if it turns out that they are using toxic material to make cotton candy.

What is Rhodamine-B? 

According to the National Institutes of Health (, rhodamine B, also known as RhB, is a chemical compound that can be a dye. According to the page, RhB frequently enters the body through food and stresses cells and tissues through oxidative stress. In addition, consuming food containing rhodamine B over an extended period may cause serious health issues like cancer or liver dysfunction. Furthermore, acute poisoning occurs when a human body is exposed to high concentrations for a brief time.



13:49 IST, February 12th 2024