Published 13:24 IST, May 8th 2024

'It felt like a regular season game': Kyrie Irving CALLS OUT NBA refs for being inconsistent

Dallas Mavericks' Kyrie Irving called out NBA referees for being inconsistent in their foul calls after Mavs game 1 loss to OKC Thunder in NBA playoffs.

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Kyrie Irving calls out NBA refs | Image: X/screengrab

Dallas Mavericks and Kyrie Irving endured a frustrating evening in game 1 of NBA Playoffs Western Conference Semi Finals as they were blown out by OKC Thunder 117-97. 

However, a big talking point of the game was how the game got officiated and Kyrie Irving didn't hold back his feelings in his post match interviews when he called out the referees for inconsistent and incompetent calls. 


Dallas Mavericks and a lot of NBA fans were frustrated at the referees for not allowing the game to be physical and calling fouls on the slightest of contacts. Given the way the NBA Playoffs had been officiated until now, a lot of physicality was allowed in each series. But suddenly in game 1 between OKC Thunder and Dallas Mavericks the refs started giving cheap fouls and took the physical aspect out of the game. 

To give contest Shai Gilgeous-Alexander had 11 free throw attempts in the first half while the Dallas Mavericks only had 12. 


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Kyrie Irving Calls Out NBA refs for inconsistency 

Dallas Mavericks superstar Kyrie Irving admitted that his team didn't come into the game with the right mindset and failed to adjust physically. But he made it a point to let it know that why Dallas Mavericks were allowed to be physical against their previous series against LA Clippers and suddenly they were not allowed anymore in this series. 


“Tonight, in the first half, there wasn't really a rhythm for a lot of players out there. It was a lot of slow down, watching free throws being taken, and adjusting to the way the game was being called. It felt like a regular season game tonight, in my perspective," said Kyrie Irving. 

Kyrie Iving in his post match press conference admitted that the game was a dull affair in the first half due to all the fouls that were being called. 


“I don't speak for anyone else, but I think it was like a regular season game because we came off a very physical series against the LA Clippers, then we had some fouls called, and some of them may have been fouls or a majority of them. But as a competitor, you want the flow of the game to feel like the playoffs, with high physicality. It just feels better,” said Kyrie Irving. 

Kyrie Irving and Dallas Mavericks will have a chance to redeem themselves in game 2 against OKC on Thursday Night in Oklahoma. 


13:24 IST, May 8th 2024