Published 09:55 IST, May 7th 2024

'Keep Your Mouth Shut': Miami Heat head Pat Riley slams Jimmy Butler after NBA Playoffs exit

Miami Heat president Pat Riley has slammed Jimmy Butler for his antics against Boston Celtics in Heat's first round NBA Playoff exit.

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Pat Riley slams Jimmy Bulter | Image: AP

The Miami Heat were knocked out of the first round of NBA Playoffs after they lost their Eastern Conference series to Boston Celtics in five games. Miami Heat President and former head coach Pat Riley addressed the loss to Boston Celtics in his exit interview and has slammed star player Jimmy Butler for disrespecting Boston Celtics.

The playoff series between the number 8 seed Miami Heat and the number 1 seed Boston Celtics was going to be a mismatch but given how the Heat went to the finals last season being the number 8 seed and their DNA of winning, they were left disappointed with the early elimination. 


Another key tipping point in Boston Celtics' favor was that Miami Heat star player Jimmy Butler was ruled of the playoff series due to a knee injury. Jimmy Butler was the main protagonist for Miami Heat when they beat Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals last season. His absence was a telling factor on the court for Heat but Butler being the character that he is didn't stay out of headlines. 

Pat Riley Slams Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler burst to the headlines when he posted a meme on his Instagram account to troll the Boston Celtics after Miami Heat won the second game of the series to make it 1-1. \


Butler in his meme used the iconic, “don't let us get one” quote used by Jaylen Green against Heat last year. Well, as it turned out ever since Jimmy Butler posted that meme, Boston Celtics won three straight games to knock Miami Heat out of this year's playoffs. 

Miami Heat president Pat Riley in his exit interview wasn't too pleased with Jimmy Butler's antics and let his feelings known. 


“For him to say that, you know I thought is that Jimmy trolling or is that Jimmy serious?”, asked Pat Riley. 

Pat Riley further wasn't pleased and thinks Jimmy Butler should've stayed silent on the issue. 


“If you're not on the court playing,against Boston (Celtics) or on the court playing against New York Knicks, then you should keep your mouth shut in criticism of those teams,” said Pat Riley on Jimmy Butler. 

Pat Riley is the architect behind Miami Heat's rise in the NBA playoffs and will be hoping that Jimmy Butler is able to shrug off his injury woes and Miami Heat have a good offseason as they expect to be in contention in the next season. 


09:55 IST, May 7th 2024