Published 13:23 IST, April 24th 2024

Flying With Your Kids For The First Time? Here Are Tips To Make The Journey Smooth

When booking your flight, select seats strategically to ensure comfort and convenience for your family and kids.

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Tips To Fly With Your Kids For The First Time | Image: Unsplash

Flying with kids for the first time can be both exciting and daunting for parents. It can either be the experience of a lifetime, or a couple of really long hours on a tin can in the air. However, with careful planning and preparation, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free journey for the whole family. Here are some essential tips to help make flying with your kids a breeze.

Choose seats wisely

When booking your flight, select seats strategically to ensure comfort and convenience for your family. Choose seats near the front of the aircraft for easier boarding and disembarking, as well as quick access to the lavatories. If traveling with infants, choose bulkhead seats with bassinets for added comfort and space.

Travelling with kids | Image: Unsplash

Pack essentials in carry-on bags

Pack essential items such as diapers, wipes, snacks, and a change of clothes in your carry-on bags to ensure easy access during the flight. Don't forget to include any necessary medications, baby formula, or special comfort items that your child may need during the journey.

Plan for comfort

Dress your kids in comfortable and layered clothing for the flight, taking into account the temperature variations onboard the aircraft. Bring along blankets, pillows, and travel neck pillows to help your kids relax and sleep comfortably during the flight. Encourage your kids to stay hydrated by bringing refillable water bottles and offering drinks regularly throughout the journey.


Bring entertainment and distractions

To keep your kids entertained and occupied during the flight, pack a variety of toys, books, games, and electronic devices. Choose items that are lightweight, portable, and age-appropriate to keep your kids engaged and happy throughout the journey. Consider downloading movies, games, and apps onto tablets or smartphones in advance for added entertainment options.

Entertainment for kids | Image: Unsplash

Prepare for takeoff and landing

Explain the process of takeoff and landing to your kids in advance to alleviate any fears or anxiety they may have. Encourage them to chew gum, suck on a pacifier, or drink from a bottle during takeoff and landing to help relieve ear pressure. For infants, consider breastfeeding or offering a bottle during these times to soothe discomfort.


13:23 IST, April 24th 2024