Published 23:19 IST, May 29th 2024

Nishat Bagh: A Comprehensive Guide To Discovering The Garden Of Bliss

Located along the eastern shore of Dal Lake in Srinagar, Nishat Bagh stands as a stunning example of a Mughal garden one must absolutely visit.

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Nishat Bagh | Image: Pixabay

Nestled on the eastern shore of Dal Lake in Srinagar, Nishat Bagh stands as a stunning example of Mughal garden design. Known as the “Garden of Bliss,” this expansive 46-acre retreat features twelve terraces, lush floral displays, and a central canal, creating a serene atmosphere that beckons visitors from around the world. As you plan your trip to Kashmir, a visit to Nishat Bagh is a must for its historical significance and tranquil beauty.

Marvel of Nishat Bagh

Nishat Bagh is the second-largest Mughal garden in Kashmir, surpassed only by Shalimar Bagh. Constructed in the 17th century by Asif Khan, the elder brother of Empress Nur Jahan, the garden showcases the grandeur of Mughal landscaping. The 12 terraces, adorned with meticulously arranged flower beds, manicured lawns, and a central canal, cascade gently towards Dal Lake. Visitors can enjoy the reflection of the snow-capped Zabarwan mountains in the canal, adding to the garden's charm.


Historical significance

Commissioned in 1633, during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan, Nishat Bagh holds a storied past. Legend suggests that Shah Jahan initially expressed displeasure at the garden's beauty, fearing it might overshadow his future projects. However, he eventually admired its magnificence. The garden's design follows Mughal traditions, featuring elements of Persian gardens, including symmetry, flowing water, and a connection between nature and humans. The central canal, fed by a natural spring, symbolizes the celestial river in Islamic cosmology.

Architectural spotlight

Nishat Bagh's architecture epitomizes Mughal Garden design. Each of the 12 terraces features geometrically laid-out flower beds that burst into vibrant colors during spring and summer. Tulips, marigolds, and roses are among the most common blooms. Majestic Chinar trees, known for their vibrant autumn foliage, provide ample shade, enhancing the garden's allure. The central canal, running through the heart of the garden, adds a sense of movement and tranquility, symbolizing the ‘River of Paradise’.


Nishat Bagh Garden Srinagar Mughal - Free photo on Pixabay - Pixabay

Engaging activities at Nishat Bagh

Visitors to Nishat Bagh can engage in a variety of activities that enhance the garden experience. Exploring the terraced garden is a highlight, offering breathtaking views at each level. Bird watching is another popular activity, with species like kingfishers, bulbuls, and hoopoes frequently spotted. For those seeking relaxation, the garden provides numerous peaceful spots under the Chinar trees, perfect for unwinding and soaking in the serene surroundings.


Whether you are a nature lover, photographer, or simply in search of a tranquil retreat, Nishat Bagh offers a unique blend of historical charm and natural beauty that is sure to captivate every visitor.




23:10 IST, May 29th 2024