MASSIVE: Mahindra Working On 1,900 Bhp 'most Beautiful & Powerful Electric Car' In The World

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

In a quite stunning piece of news that Anand Mahindra has confirmed, Pininfarina is working on what will be one of the most powerful cars in the world when it comes out in 2020.

As per a report that the Mahindra and Mahindra Chairman has retweeted, Pininfarina, the storied Italian car designer that Mahindra acquired in 2015, is slated to be an eyewatering 1,900 bhp. To put things into context, the most famous among the recent 'fastest cars in the world' -- the Bugatti Veyron -- was about 1050 bhp and was at that time hailed as a marvel of engineering.

What's more, the upcoming Pininfarina, the PFO, will also be different from the Veyron in one very critical way. Whereas the Veyron is famous for the amount of fuel it consumes at top-speed -- which as BBC's Top Gear, nevertheless, stated would last longer than the car's tyres would under the same conditions -- the PFO will be electric powered.

The report also refers to how it'll manage such a staggering amount of power, and there's a Top Gear/Grand Tour connect here as well: It'll have the same motor and battery setup that the Rimac concept car that Richard Hammond had a near life-ending accident in in 2017.

As per Pininfarina, all that power would give the PFO an extraordinary acceleration (in the 0-60mph in two seconds frame) and depending on what electronic limiter they decide to put in place, a potential top speed in excess of 250mph. Most importantly, it's planned to be capable of delivering a range of 300 miles!

Anand Mahindra has tweeted the story and also added what the goal is here:

"Our goal is simple: to create the most beautiful and powerful electric car in the world..."

And he has retweeted specs:

Here are some visuals and features of the PFO put out by Pininfarina: