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EXCLUSIVE | 'ChatGPT Will Not Take Your Jobs, Someone Who Knows How To Use It, Will': AI Expert

Artificial Intelligence expert Jaspreet Bindra says that knowing how to use Artificial Intelligence will be a necessary skill for future.

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Will ChatGPT and its future generations render you jobless? No, says professor and Artificial Intelligence expert, Jaspreet Bindra in an exclusive interview with Republic World. Edited excerpts:

AI will take some jobs, it will also create some more
AI is not a new technology. It is 70-years-old. But it was used so far to work in the background. With ChatGPT, that has been brought forth in the front and now that people are able to touch and feel it, they have begun to realise how powerful it is.  At the same time, because of what it has to offer, there are certain fears around it as well. Obviously there is fear that ChatGPT being such a powerful tool will end up doing some jobs like simple coding, writing content. But just like any other technology say the computers themselves, while they remove some jobs, they create some more. Right now, prompt engineers are in demand. The jobs which will be immune to this technology shift will be the ones based on compassion and care-giving like nursing for instance. ChatGPT  however at the same time will be highly useful in enhancing jobs and help you work faster. So, AI will not replace your job but a human being using it and those using it efficiently and productively, will.

Possibilities of monetising ChatGPT 
When technology comes in, there are a whole lot of people who try and use it for quick money. Lets say the bad guys get it first. There will be people who will create books, who will do training sessions, but there are legitimate and good ways of using these as well. These new platforms have opened their APIs and made it easier for developers to build the products on. Many developers will monetise these but there are scams as well. 

What next thing unfold in AI? 
GPT4 has a couple of amazing new features. It is faster and is much better than Chat GPT with more accurate, truthful answers. There is something like “Be My Eyes” coming up. Suppose it can scan Monalisa picture and describe it in detail for a visually impaired person. While the hope is that they might be able to solve problems which no human being has solved like global warming or nuclear fusion, on the other side, several ethical issues like plagiarism too will surface. Payment part will become a filter to the misuse of the platform, but ultimately we have to see that social platforms and other spaces of original voice is not weakened with AI, but enhanced.

The issue about accuracy 
The way these models are made are not like search. They are built to generate.
Use ChatGPT to generate material. More improved your prompts are, the better your generation will be. How to use and implement Artificial Intelligence as a tool in your daily work and activities will soon become an essential skill. Just as those who learnt to use Google first got an edge over those who could not, in the same manner, those who get savvy with AI will enjoy a natural edge over others.

About Jaspreet Bindra: 
Jaspreet is a leading expert on Digital Transformation, Blockchain, Future of Work, and AI. He is the author of the bestselling book The Tech Whisperer: On Digital Transformation and the Technologies that Enable It, published by Penguin Random House, as well as The Immune Organisation: Future Proofing Organisations from COVID-like Disruptions, published by Amazon Westland. He is currently pursuing a second (part-time) Masters in AI, Ethics and Society at the University of Cambridge. 

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