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Congress Strategy Backfires: 121 DU Teachers Now Sign Letter Backing PM Modi Over Remarks On His Predecessor Rajiv Gandhi

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:

In a major embarrassment to the Congress party, teachers from Delhi University and other Delhi based universities have started a counter campaign against the Grand Old party-led by Rahul Gandhi and extended their support to PM Modi over the comments on former PM Rajiv Gandhi. 

121 teachers have signed the letter condemning the Congress party for referring the incumbent PM (PM Modi) in the foulest language on daily basis. Furthermore, the teacher have launched a scathing attack at the Congress party by supporting PM Modi stating that he has brought into public attention the regime of corruption in big defences deals started during Rajiv Gandhi's tenure.

"The fact that Rajiv Gandhi was awarded a Bharat Ratna- Jawaharlal Nehru and all his PM progenies had been so awarded- cannot prevent future analysts to critique his contribution to organised corruption and Congress supported genocide of Sikhs in 1984.  'Bofors deal' became a symbol of official corruption; it initiated a trend which had consistently been followed by Congress-led governments. Scandals like 2G, Coalgate, CWG, and now Scorpene Submarine scandal directly involving Rahul Gandhi are all the natural corollaries of Bofors tradition. The subsequent remote controlled Manmohan Singh UPA government even defroze the accounts of Gandhi's family friend swindler Ottavio Quattrocchi. Rajiv Gandhi as PM was responsible for letting Warren Anderson Chairman of Union Carbide escape justice in the Bhopal Tragedy episode. His company was responsible for the death of thousands of poor Bhopal residents- most died instantaneously and thousands later owing cancer and other diseases caused by poisonous gas leaks," the letter signed by 121 DU teachers reads.

Later in the letter, the teachers have demanded the Congress party to answer three questions of the nation:

  1. The role of Rajiv Gandhi in the massacre of Sikhs in1984.
  2. His role in the escape of Ottavio Quattrocchi from the clutches of investigative agencies on Bofors? Why did the UPA government dilute case against him. Why did Manmohan Singh allow Quattrocchi's bank accounts to be defrozen?
  3. Why was Warren Anderson given special plane to escape from Bhopal to Delhi and subsequently to USA? What was the quid pro quo reached between Anderson, Rajiv Gandhi and US Administration?

Read the full letter here:

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Earlier on Tuesday, Congress overseas chief and long-time Gandhi family aide Sam Pitroda posted that over 200 teachers of Delhi University have condemned the Prime Minister for his remarks. He had shared a list of the teachers with their hand-written names and signatures.

On Saturday, controversy triggered with remarks made by the Prime Minister while addressing a poll rally at UP's Pratapgarh, wherein he had attacked Congress president Rahul Gandhi saying, "Your father was termed ‘Mr. Clean’ by his courtiers but his life ended as ‘bhrashtachari’ (corrupt) number 1."

Responding to PM Modi's comments, Rahul Gandhi had taken to Twitter and reminded the Prime Minister of his "karma":

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