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EXCLUSIVE | "Not Like This Would Have Ruined Her Image, This Was A Joke," Says Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi Over Priyanka Sharma's Arrest Over Sharing A Meme On Mamata Banerjee

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • In an exclusive conversation with Republicworld, the cartoonist Aseem Trivedi shared that the meme was not intended to hurt sentiments. 
  • He said that Priyanka Sharma is not on a Minister or holds a political position

A nation-wide furor erupted after the Supreme Court's verdict to BJP's Youth wing leader Priyanka Sharma for sharing a meme of Mamata Banerjee on social media. Responding over which, political cartoonist Aseem Trivedi said that it was 'not a big deal' and rather quite a common affair.  

In an exclusive conversation with Republicworld, the cartoonist shared that the meme was not intended to hurt sentiments. 

He said, "This is a small thing, people share memes about celebrities all the time. It's like in class, students make jokes on teachers. This is not a big deal or it did not hurt sentiments." 

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"It was not a big deal that she has to apologise. There are so many people who share memes, how many people will keep apologising?" he added. 

However, giving out a verdict, the Supreme Court had categorically said that Priyanka Sharma is not an ordinary citizen but affiliated to a political party over granting a conditional bail.  

Speaking over this statement, Trivedi accentuated that Sharma is not a Minister nor does she hold a political position in the Parliament, moreover stating that this 'joke' would not have influenced the public. 

He said, "Not like this would have ruined her image, this was a joke which is alright. You think the voter or public image will be influenced?"

"What message will go with this? That even the Supreme Court thinks this is wrong. This is a political issue. It is not a complex issue. She is not a Minister or in a power political position. This is our democratic right," he added.

When questioned over the intolerance of political parties, he said, "There are so many political parties who have not recognised freedom of speech."  

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The Supreme Court on Tuesday granted conditional bail to West Bengal BJP functionary Priyanka Sharma who was arrested on May 10 for allegedly posting a morphed picture of state Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Facebook.

It further said that Priyanka Sharma is directed to be immediately released on bail. However, at the time of release, she has to tender an apology in writing for putting up/sharing the pictures complained of on her social media account.