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From Simultaneous Elections To A Corruption-free India: Here's How The BJP Plans To Deliver Good Governance In Its 2019 Election Manifesto

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Published:


  • The BJP released its election manifesto on Monday
  • It has a detailed framework of governance for the next five years highlighting various factors

The BJP Manifesto which has been released on Monday has a detailed framework of governance for the next five years highlighting the various factors which will 'reap dividends over the next generation':

Simultaneous elections:

" Simultaneous elections for Parliament, State assemblies and local bodies to cut down expenses, ensure efficient utilization of government resources and introducing the single voter list for all elections."

Corruption-free Bharat:

" We will continue enforcing the Fugitive Economic Offenders Act, 2018 and the Benami Transaction Prohibition Act 2016 to ensure transparent decision making."

Civil Service reforms and police reforms:

"We will merge similar and complementary departments into sectoral ministries to form holistic policies and continue to implement the existing policies. 'Model Police Act' will be formulated in consultation with States to have a pro-people citizen friendly police."

Judicial reforms:

"Simplify procedural laws to increase accessibility. Make India the Centre of arbitration by increase number of Alternative Dispute Resolution forums to quickly resolve matters."

Ease of Living:

"To reform citizen's interface with Government across domains like taxes, business, and regulations a committee will be set up."

Science and Technology (S&T):

"Spread S& T investment to 95% of students in state government institutions apart from central institutions. Language Translation Mission to be launched to translate English texts to any other India languages. With a thrust on non-fossil fuels, we will research the diversity of our oceans with a human crewed submersible.

Transforming waste to energy, semiconductor manufacturing within the country, artificial intelligence and quantum missions will make India an industry leader. Launching Gaganyaan we aim t execute a manned mission in space. We also will start the 'National Program for Rapid Research in Socially Contextual technologies to create new research paths."

Forest and Environment:

"Maintaining the added 9000 of forest cover, mapping the level of pollution in cities and reducing the pollution by 35% in cities are of focus along with  providing forest dwellers with basic amenities."

Protecting Himalayas:

"Providing special financial assistance through 'Green Bonus'"

Focus on Island territories, union territories and development in North East:

"Establishing the Island Development Authority and focus on tourism for Islands. Ensuring the highest quality of living in Union territories,  we will focus on developing infrastructure in the North East with improved connectivity and to harness the potential for hydroelectricity, tourism, horticulture."

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Lok Sabha polling will take place in seven phases for all the 29 states and seven Union Territories beginning from April 11 to May 7, 2019. The results will be announced on May 23, 2019.