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BJP Hits Back At 'CryPM, PayCM' Campaign, 'Congress' Target Is To Ridicule PM Modi'

Karnataka BJP chief Nalin Kumar Kateel called out the Congress party for 'ridiculing' the Prime Minister through 'PayCM CryPM' campaign.

Karnataka Elections 2023
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Ronit Singh
Nalin Kumar Kateel

Image: ANI, Twitter

After Congress released a 'PayCM CryPM' poster to take a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a run-up to May 10 Karnataka assembly polls, state BJP chief Nalin Kumar Kateel on Monday came down hard on the decade-old party. He called out the Congress party for 'ridiculing' the Prime Minister through such posters. 

Talking to reporters, Kateel said, "PM Modi is not only the leader of the country but also the leader of the world. Congress' target is to ridicule him. Congress has already lost the election. hence they are doing all this. Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister and was always in a silent mood." 

He went on to take a dig at Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra for her 'PM cries' remark. "After Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's statement-- 'this is the first PM I have seen who cries in front of people', Congress workers across the county have started tweeting under CryPM PayCM and official Congress pages have also joined the hashtag campaign." 

Congress' 'PayCM CryPM' campaign

After PM Modi on Sunday, while campaigning for his party in poll-bound Karnataka slammed the culture of abuse politics, Congress leader Priyanka Vadra took a swipe at him for 'crying' about abuses hurled at him. She said, "This is the first PM we've seen who cries before people saying he's getting abused. At least they (91 abuses) are fitting on one page; if you look at the abuses by them to my family and if we start making a list, we will publish books after books about it."

After her remarks on the Prime Minister, the Karnataka Congress unit rolled out the 'PayCM CryPM' campaign with PM Narendra Modi's face on a QR Code. 

Taking a jibe at PM Modi, Priyanka added, "It is strange what I'm seeing for the past two-three days. I have seen many Prime Ministers, Indira Ji (Indira Gandhi), who took bullets for this country. I have seen Rajiv Gandhi, he sacrificed his life for this country. I have seen PV Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh working hard for this country." 


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