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'Every Punjabi Has Debt Of 1 Lakh, AAP Will Remove It,' Says Bhagwant Mann Ahead Of Polls

'Punjab has a debt of over 3 lakh cr & a population of 3 crore people, which means every Punjabi bear a debt of 1 lakh, we will remove it,' says Bhagwant Mann



With the 2022 assembly elections inching closer, Aam Aadmi Party Punjab chief & only MP from Punjab, Bhagwant Mann on Friday announced a slew of promises to woo voters. The AAP leader announced that if voted to power, his party will make the state debt-free and will work in tandem with the Union government & central agencies to bring development in Punjab. 

Mann attacked the previous state governments and contended that 'Punjab has a debt of over 3 lakh crore and a total population of 3 crore people, which means every individual in the state bears a debt of one lakh rupees.'

'AAP govt will remove debt & add to state treasury'

Alleging that all other political parties that have ruled the state previously - Congress, BJP & SAD, have all looted Punjab, he claimed that their wealth kept increasing steadily, while the state became debt-laden over the years. 

"Today Punjab has a debt of over three lakh crore and Punjab has a population of three crores. Thus, every Punjabi has a debt of one lakh on his head, meaning every child born in Punjab is being born under debt. The wealth of the ruling families of Punjab and the leaders of Congress, BJP and SAD was steadily increasing," he said. "After the formation of Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab, the government treasury will be filled and along with fulfilling the guarantees given by party chief Arvind Kejriwal, Punjab will get rid of debt of over Rs. 3 lakh crore," he added.

Furthering his party’s agenda, Mann said that the AAP has formulated a comprehensive plan to bring development to the state.  Bhagwant Mann went on to add, "Aam Aadmi Party has a comprehensive plan for the overall development of Punjab under which pro-people policies such as providing good quality education and treatment in government institutions, development of agriculture, development of industries apart from providing debt relief of over Rs 3 lakh crore has been formulated."

'We will work in collaboration with centre': Bhagwant Mann

He further promised that his government will work in coordination with the central agencies to ensure complete development in the state," Aam Aadmi Party government would work in coordination with Union government and other Indian organizations for the progress and prosperity of Punjab. Cooperation will be sought from the Central Government for any policy required for the welfare of Punjab," he said.

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