'Official' Avengers 4 Concept Art Drops Massive Hint About Thanos' End Game. Here's Everything

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It's been just about two months now since the Marvel Cinematic Universe was blown to infinity and beyond by the actions of Thanos, the 'Mad Titan'

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It's been just about two months now since the Marvel Cinematic Universe was blown to infinity and beyond by the actions of Thanos, the 'Mad Titan', who with one snap of his gauntleted fingers wiped out half the life in the universe, including a number of our favourite superheroes. The end of Avengers: Infinity War shocked fans who had probably not expected a deviation from the standard 'good guys win in the end' device.

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However, as the final two Avengers films were always set to be a sort of one-two punch and were shot almost simultaneously, thoughts have turned towards how the events of Infinity War would be reversed in Avengers 4. And now, in the last week or so we've been given our first big clues about what is to happen next.

The first clue was when 'promo art' from Avengers 4 was leaked, showing some of the characters to have different 'looks' then earlier. Captain America is clean-shaven, Black Widow has changed her blonde hair, the Hulk is wearing a black costume, War Machine looks like he's living up to his name, etc. The images gave us a sort of confirmation as to the composition of the anti-Thanos force.

The second clue was perhaps the biggest one yet, when a prominent cinematographer who has worked on the Marvel films directed by the Russo brothers, including Infinity War, listed the name for Avengers 4 in the filmography section in his website. As per that revelation, Avengers 4 would be called Avengers: End Game. This tallied with a popular fan theory that cited the phrase having been used before, notably by Doctor Strange in one of his final dialogues before falling victim to Thanos' snap as well as by Iron Man in a previous film.

And now, we've got a third clue and it's a bit more official. Allegedly official concept art released by artist Pete Thompson focuses on the planet to which Thanos retired after achieving his snap!

Let's rewind for a second: Thanos is from a planet called Titan. However, at some point before the events of Infinity War, Titan was destroyed and left in ruins, possibly because of excesses but also probably because of war (Thanos had a hand in it, of that we can be sure). However, after Thor's Storm-breaker overpowered Thanos and grievously injured him, but didn't stop the 'snap', Thanos went to two places. The first was a red realm where the child Gamora was seemingly waiting for him. And the second was a beautiful planet where from on top of a hill, he watch the sun rising on a 'thankful universe.' The concept art that has been released is titled 'Titan Thanos farm' which indicates that it was to his own planet that he went at the end of the film. However, since we know Titan to be largely uninhabitable, it appears that there's some smoke and mirrors involved: 

Thanos has possession of the Reality and Time stones and could feasibly use either of them to arrive at his 'farm'. Still, it would be unlike him to conjure up a mirage of a bountiful and peaceful Titan like he did while speaking to Doctor Strange in Infinity War, as one would think Thanos would like to bask in real triumph. This means the Titan that is host to Thanos' farm is real, which means he may have used the Time stone. Now, he can use it in two ways -- to go backwards in time or to go forward -- both of which are possible. Could it be that Thanos' plan of wiping out half the life in the universe actually served its purpose? Was Titan restored because of his actions? Or is the past where he sought refuge? Whatever it is, it appears certain that there would be some amount of time travel in Avengers: Eng Game (?).

Ant-Man and the Wasp releases on July 13, Captain Marvel on March 8, 2019, and Avengers 4 (Avengers: End Game) on May 3, 2019.



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