Who Is The Most Powerful Hero/villain In Avengers: Infinity War? Here Are The Rankings

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With Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel has brought us its biggest superhero movie yet! The question we all need answered is - who is the most powerful?

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[CAUTION: Major spoilers ahead. Only read if you've seen the film]

With Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel has brought us its biggest superhero movie yet! It's completely full of superheroes with a wide assortment of powers and abilities. But the question we all need answered is - who is the most powerful? Here are all the heroes and a few villains ranked:

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17. Black Widow - Open war probably isn't her specialty but Natasha Romanoff fared quite well, battling with Thanos' face-paint henchwoman on an even footing. She does need a battle upgrade though. Odds are that she'd fare far better than Bruce Banner in an Iron Man suit

16. Winter Soldier - The White Wolf has a new arm and probably shot a lot of Thanos' Demogorgon in the battle of Wakanda. Aside from that, he was not all that useful

15. Rocket - What Rocket lacks in size and strength he makes up for with weapons. He let the alien invasion army have it and there's no doubt he'd have taken the Winter Soldier's arm had he wanted to...

14. Groot - 'Tree' may still have some growing to do but he's useful in a fight once again! His branching abilities are top-notch and his attempt to entangle Thanos required the mad Titan to struggle, if only for a second

13. Black Panther - On his home turf, T'Challa raced into battle and you can imagine that he did some serious damage. But there was also a part where he got tossed around and that's why his star's fallen a bit

12. Gamorra - The daughter of Thanos was critical to the film for reasons that may not have had anything to do with her fighting skills. She looked like being dangerous for a second on Knowhere but that was shown to be a trick. Her main power in Avengers: Infinity War was her knowledge


11. Vision - What a let-down he was! Vision was supposed to be an android made by killer-bot using Vibranium, an Infinity Stone, and the best bits of JARVIS, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. He was supposed to keep the Mind Stone safe. Unfortunately, he got stabbed right in the beginning and never got his mojo back. Was it because he was evolving into a human? Surely that was a figurative evolution, right?

10. Star Lord - Is he still a celestial? Or has he lost that 'immortality'? Star Lord breezes through the film without really clashing 1-on-1 with anyone and actually manages to get the better of Thanos with the help of Doctor Strange. Foils his own plan to disposess Thanos of the Infinity Gauntlet when he learns of Gamorra's fate. 


9. Captain America: Cap likes fighting so much that he'd fight anyone. He launched himself at the space-beasts, using his new shield-gauntlets effectively in attack and defence and went toe-to-toe with Thanos. His intervention saved Vision and Wanda in Cambridge and he retains the ability to be a threat to anyone, no matter how powerful.


8. Spider-man - Peter Parker wearing a Tony Stark-made suit may have been a match for just about anyone in this film. And he's got great attitude and instincts too. Swell boy. Shame...

7. Wanda Maximoff - Battled heroically and showed everyone how to use an Infinity Stone to resist Thanos. Was eventually overwhelmed but not before she'd saved Vision on multiple occasions and had even won her grudge match against his dangerous face-paint henchwoman. 

6. Doctor Strange - Probably the best 'wingman' to have, given how well he uses his abilities to support his teammates. Traded 'reality' blows with Thanos and briefly got the upper hand. Made a number of key decisions, including swapping Tony Stark for the Time Stone. Saw a future where the Avengers win even though it was just one out of 14,000,065. His actions will have a bearing yet...

5. Iron Man - Was significantly more powerful than we've ever seen him before, with nanoparticles being attributed. His suit self-healed and self-sealed, sprouted alien-looking weapons and rocket packs, and managed to absorb a huge amount of damage without needing to be changed. Iron Man nearly had Thanos at one point but Star Lord faltered at the last minute. 


4. The Maw - Thanos' main associate was rather impressive. He clearly got the better of Doctor Strange and Iron Man and would have presented a challenge had Spider-man not watched a lot of movies. Shame he couldn't breathe in space...

3. Hulk - The Hulk got beaten up and never returned but it's unclear whether that was solely because of Thanos' power or due to whatever issue he's having with Bruce Banner. Whatever the case may be, Hulk remains a terrifying prospect for all villains and you can be sure he'll be back to his smashing best in the next film.

2. Thor - Just how much more powerful is Thor now than he was at the start of Ragnarok? Chances are that he's on a different planet entirely. The reason for this is his new hammer, which is actually an axe. Not only is Stormbreaker bigger, more menacing, and meant for a king, but it's also been forged with 'essence of Thor'. It's entirely possible that the axe is deeply entwined with its master and it's also given him the ability to summon the bifrost. Can he use it to fly, though? Will he be able to manipulate it like he did with Mjolnir? One thing's clear -- Thanos with a full Infinity Gauntlet couldn't stop it when Thor hurled it at him. Now that's power.

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1. Thanos - The mad Titan was every bit the villain that was promised. He'd overwhelmed the most powerful Avengers long before he made his way to the Earth and showed deft use of his Infinity Stones. He was almost beaten at Titan, however, and should consider himself lucky to escape. Is there anyone who can challenge him?

Agree? Let us know!

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