Rick And Morty: Season 4 Episode 2 Introduces Us To Rick's Planet Poop. Spoilers Ahead

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Rick and Morty: Here is a summary of the newly released S4 E2. It introduces us to Rick's planet poop and Glootie played by Taika Waititi. Spoilers ahead.

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Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty’s second episode of season 4 aired on November 17, 2019, at 11:30 ET and it changed the way viewers looked at the show. Here is a quick summary of the second episode. The show was divided into three subplots that were running in synchronization to create a mindful experience.

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Subplot one

Rick, at the start of the episode, said that he was going for a solo adventure. Summer replied and said that Rick will go to poop alone as he is a shy pooper. Meanwhile, we learned about Rick’s new intern, Glootie, who is voiced by Taika Waititi. Rick then left Earth so that he could go to his pooping planet. It was speculated to be called Omega 2. He took a poop and saw that there is an unknown thing near his toilet seat. He looked at a device to determine who must have done the crime and found out that an unknown entity had come there. He then went on a solo quest to find the guy who used his toilet. Rick found the guy who used his toilet and then threatened him to not do it again or he will be killed by Rick. After this, the guy again came to Rick’s toilet where Rick got into a giant robot to face the guy. The guy got captured by Rick. Then the guy was put into a matrix-like simulator where he dreamt about his afterlife. The guy somehow managed to set himself free, after which Rick also released him. Then Rick planned to take revenge on the guy. Rick's elaborate plan was to shame the guy. But later, Rick learned that the guy he wanted to put to shame was already dead. After this, Rick went and sat on the toilet seat where many Rick holograms started to laugh at Rick. This made him a prey to his own trap.

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Subplot two

It is a Rick and Jerry adventure where Jerry made an app with Glootie. Even though it is tattooed on his head to not make an app, Jerry made a dating app designed to wipe out humanity so that the aliens could take over Earth's water. Morty and Jerry somehow managed to take the app.  They took down the app with the help of Glootie as Morty managed to manipulate him to do his work.

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Subplot 3

In the third subplot, we see Summer and Beth. Summer downloaded the app made by her dad and she ran away with a stranger she found on the app. Beth disagreed with the idea and tried to stop Summer from making a mistake in the whole episode. Summer did not stop, and that led to both Beth and Summer's fight at the airport, Captain America: Civil War style. This finally stopped when Summer saw an ad wall on the app and she uninstalled it. This was done by Glootie as an act of revenge as he did not get love. The plot ran in such sync that it showcased the society its true face. We all face similar problems like our lives are also controlled by apps and we also hate to use public toilets as many people are 'shy poopers.'

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