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'Got Married On Blockchain': US Couple Exchanges NFT Rings During Wedding Ceremony

San Francisco, US couple Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky each used Ethereum’s blockchain to send each other the digital token ‘Tabaat’ as digital rings.


Making a first of a kind futuristic move, American cryptocurrency exchange company Coinbase's employees got married exchanging digital NFT rings [non-fungible tokens] using their smartphones on the blockchain. NFTs, in the likeness of the cryptocurrency, constitute unique codes and can be stored in ledgers or Digi wallets. It can comprise any object in digital format such as art, video games, songs, tweets, GIFs, etc. 

San Francisco couple Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky each used Ethereum’s blockchain to send each other the digital token ‘Tabaat’ [Hebrew term for ring] as virtual wedding bands from their cryptocurrency wallets, with each of the digital rings stored on Blockchain as a proof of marriage. Kacherginsky is a Coinbase principal security engineer, and the bride Rose is a staff product designer at the company. 

"Most people get married in a place of religious worship, on a beach, or in the mountains. Peter and I are not most people. We got married on the blockchain," Rose tweeted Friday. “In addition to a traditional Jewish ceremony, we wanted to solidify our vows in a more personal way. Since we both work at Coinbase, Peter Kacherginsky [her husband now] wrote an Ethereum smart contract for our marriage that issued digital artwork as tokens (NFTs) to our cryptocurrency wallets," she continued. 

Ceremony ' saved on blockchain explorer'

The bride informed that her husband and she stored the digital animation by artist Carl Johan Hasselrot, symbolic of a ring,  inside the unique token which illustrates two distinct things becoming one, like in marriage. The two cryptocurrency exchange firm employees shared their ‘rare’ vows on March 14 in a digital ceremony that was saved on blockchain explorer as they made lifelong commitments to each other. “For us, the images of digital rings hidden inside these NFTs will show up in our cryptocurrency wallets as a constant reminder of the permanent bond they represent,” Rose wrote on Twitter. She revealed that the couple exchanged tokens for the wedding on blockchain due to its incorruptibility. 

Earlier similarly, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey on Monday sold the digital version of his first-ever tweet for a whopping  $2.9 million. His tweet stating “just setting up my twttr” won a bid from Bridge Oracle CEO Sina Estavi, according to Valuables Marketplace. The funds obtained for his tweet sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) were donated to the charity named GiveDirectly, a fundraising NGO for the African subcontinent to tackle the COVID-19 impacts.

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