Published 21:24 IST, May 7th 2024

Jennifer Connelly's Dark Matter Inspired By Tamil Film Maanaadu? Venkat Prabhu Reacts

The poster for English language series Dark Matter is rather similar to that of Tamil film Maanaadu. Venkat Prabhu recently reacted to the comparison.

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Venkat Prabhu, Joel Edgerton | Image: X, IMDb

Cases of inspired cinema and in many cases, posters, have been a rather common occurrence off late, with content from all corners of the world essentially being presented on a global platform. Needless to say, there have been several Indian projects, the premise or aesthetic of which, has very evidently been picked from an international title. The other way round however, is truly a rare occurrence - one that appears to have taken place, with Maanaadu.


Is Dark Matter inspired from Maanaadu?

For the unversed, American series Dark Matter, will soon be marking its premiere on Apple TV+. The date for the same, is set for May 8. The poster of the series, shows leads Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly, standing amid what appears to be a sea of clones of the former.


Though visually rather interesting, one cannot help but notice the film poster for 2021 Tamil release Maanaadu. Starring Silambarasan TR in the lead, the poster features the actor holding a gun to his head as he too, stands among a sea of his clones. It is worth clearly pointing out that while Maanaadu released back in 2021, Dark Matter is a few days away from making its digital debut. What's more, both the series and the film belong to the sci-fi genre, leading fans of the film to anticipate further similarities in the series itself.

Venkat Prabhu reacts

Maanaadu was directed by Venkat Prabhu. The filmmaker took to his official X handle to share both the aforementioned posters. Though he did not directly insinuate the fact that the visual aesthetic of Dark Matter may have been inspired from Maanadu, he simply pointed out the year of release for both titles. 


While there were many who were blown away by the observation, some were not too impressed. While one user pointed out how there are several titles which exist on the theme of time loop, another asserted that Maanaadu itself is inspired from 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow. 

21:24 IST, May 7th 2024