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Fact Check: Has Gujarat Declared A Complete Lockdown In 6 Cities?

According to a notice on social media, the Gujarat government has announced that 6 cities of the state will be under complete lockdown from April 11.

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A notice on social media doing the rounds has claimed that 6 cities of Gujarat will go under complete lockdown from April 11.


A notice circulating on social media.




As states began to be enveloped in another wave of Coronavirus, a notice said to have been issued from the Gujarat Home Department began doing the rounds on social media announcing that 6 major cities of Gujarat were going into a lockdown from April 11. According to the letter on social media, 6 cities of Gujarat will be under complete lockdown from April 11-April 16. 

Has Gujarat announced a lockdown in 6 cities?

The letter circulating on social media as an emergency note from the Gujarat State Home Department is completely fake since no such announcements have been made by the Gujarat Home Department. Officially refuting the claims of this letter, the Gujarat Police's Twitter handle has also issued a confirmation urging citizens of Gujarat to not be misled by this false notice. It also threatened action against those who were spreading such rumors on social media. 

"Fake News Alert: While no action has been taken by the Home Department for the lockdown, cybercrime action will be taken against the elements who are spreading such rumors of lockdown on social media. Verify such fake news before forwarding it," said the Gujarat Police on their Twitter handle. 

Coronavirus in Gujarat 

Like other states across India, Gujarat has also been recording a consistently rising number of COVID-19 cases with each passing day. On Wednesday, the state reported the highest number of 3,575 new cases in a day and 22 fatalities. This was also the third consecutive day when over 3,000 fresh infections were reported in the state. The tally of the cases now stands at 3,28,453 and the toll at 4,620. 

Earlier this week, the Gujarat High Court observed that the situation in the state was getting 'out of hand', suggesting the state to bring in a curfew or lockdown for a short number of days to break the chain.

On the vaccination front, a total of 71.86 lakh people in Gujarat have been administered the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine with the number of people who received the second dose at 8.74 lakh. 

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