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Kerala Floods: Rahul Gandhi Speaks To PM Modi, Seeks Assistance For Wayanad, Gets Assurance

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Rahul Gandhi has spoken to PM Modi seeking flood assistance in Wayanad
  • Kerala has witnessed significant flooding in recent weeks, with CM Vijayan providing an update on rescue efforts
  • Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister has assured him of all help

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the flood situation in Kerala and sought assistance for those affected in the State, including in his constituency Wayanad. 

Gandhi called Modi and asked for relief and assistance to those affected. 

On Thursday night, Rahul Gandhi had spoken to media and said he had been told to not visit Wayanad at this time:

"I'm quite concerned about the heavy rainfall and landslide that's taking place in my constituency. I've spoken to three Collectors over there, they've briefed me on the situation. I've also called the CM of Kerala, we had a conversation and I requested him to help as much and as fast as possible. I'm going to call up the Prime Minister and mention to him that Wayanad is, my constituency is in need of assistance. I was planning to go there, but the Collector told me it wouldn't be a good idea because it would disturb rescue operations and I'm going to go there as soon as possible. I just want people of Wayanad to know that I'm standing with them and I'll be there as soon as possible. I've also told the workers of the Congress to be there with the people and help them as much as possible," he said. 

Kerala has witnessed significant flooding in many areas following weeks of heavy rain, with the situation currently being such that Kochin Airport has had to be closed till August 11 because of being waterlogged.

On Thursday, Skymet had predicted more rains, on account of which CM Pinarayi Vijayan tweeted about the areas where red alerts have been issued - Idukki, Malappuram, Kozhikode & Wayanad - and implored citizens to evacuate if ordered to do so.

Here are the details of the rescue efforts, with Wayanad being the district with the maximum number of relief camps:

He also remarked on the severity of the Wayanad landslide:

He also requested them to remain aware about sharing information, and to only do so from reliable sources.

The Kerala CM also held a review meeting of the disaster management activities:

The following are helpline numbers:

  • THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: 04712730045 / 9497711281
  • KOLLAM: 04742794002 / 9447677800
  • PATHANAMTHITTA: 04682322515 / 8078808915
  • ALAPPUZHA: 04772238630 / 9495003640
  • KOTTAYAM: 04812304800 / 9446562236
  • IDUKKI: 04862233111 / 9383463036
  • ERNAKULAM: 04842423513 / 7902200400
  • THRISSUR: 04872352424 / 9447074424
  • PALAKKAD: 04912505309 / 8301803282
  • MALAPPURAM: 04832736320 / 9383463212
  • KOZHIKODE: 04952371002 / 9446538900
  • WAYANAD: 04936204151 / 9446394126
  • KANNUR: 04972713266 / 9446682300
  • KASARAGOD: 04994257700 / 9446601700
  • STATE CONTROL ROOM NUMBER: 04712331639 / 04712333198