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Thief Uses Google Map For Searching Posh Localities, Takes Flight To Execute Robbery

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

Beware of loading your homes in Google maps. Professional thieves are out there in the streets who use Google maps to locate your homes. One such incident surfaced when a thief, who was nabbed in Hyderabad, revealed that he uses Google maps for searching rich localities in nearby areas to loot the houses. The incident was brought to light after a Nungambakkam-based doctor working in Apollo hospital in Chennai was robbed.

The incident dates back to last month when the Chennai-based- Doctor filed a complaint after he was robbed. The cunning thief left no trail leaving the police in total dismay. There were no evidence left for them to investigate. However, when the police traced similar incidents in various posh localities of Chennai the police further stratergised to catch hold of the culprit.

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Meanwhile, an Andhra Pradesh-based thief named Sathiya Reddy was arrested by Hyderabad police for another theft case. During the course of investigation, the police was shocked to find that he was the same thief who was also involved in Nungambakkam and Valluvar Kottam theft cases. Upon further probing the thief, they were flabbergasted to hear his modus operandi.

Modus operandi:

The robber first searches for posh areas using Google maps. Then he takes a flight to Chennai and visits the targeted area. He then tarces houses which are either locked or where the residents spent a large portion of the day outside the house due to their work profiles. After the loot, he takes a train back home.

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