CTET GK Questionnaire: Quick Questions To Boost Your Exam Preparation


CTET GK: Here is a list of quick questions that will help you boost your exam preparations for 2019. Keep reading to know more about the exams and the questions

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Ctet Gk

CTET is an eligibility exam for teachers conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It is held twice in a year; once in July and once in December. CTET affiliates teachers to teach in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, and other central board-certified schools. The CTET exam has 2 papers.

Here is a compiled list of GK questions for the CTET exam to check your preparations for the test.

CTET GK Question 1. The environmental factors that shape development include all of the following except

1. quality of education

2. quality of nutrition

3. culture

4. physique

Answer: 4. physique

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CTET GK Question 2. Which of the following implications can’t be derived from Piaget’s theory of cognitive development?

1. Children’s desire to learn

2. Need of verbal teaching

3. Acceptance of individual differences

4. Discovery learning

Answer: 2. Need of verbal teaching

CTET GK Question 3.  ________________ can be best used in teaching to encourage democratic living among students.

1. Lecture method

2. Social interaction

3. Experimental method

4. Discovery method

Answer: 4. Discovery method

CTET GK Question 4. Physical traits such as height, eye colour, bone structure, and hair are

1. primary qualities

2. secondary qualities

3. not inherited

4. inherited

Answer: 4. inherited

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CTET GK Question 5. Piaget proposes that preoperational children are unable to conserve. Which of the following factors attributes this inability?

1. Inability of hypothetic-deductive reasoning

2. Irreversibility of thought

3. Lack of high-level abstract reasoning

4. None of the above

Answers: 2. Irreversibility of thought

CTET GK Question 6. Development starts from the

1. stage of infancy

2. pre-natal stage

3. pre-childhood stage

4. post-childhood stage

Answer: 2. Pre-natal stage

CTET GK Question 7. The use of technology to enhance the learning process is called __________ in education.

1. IT

2. ICT

3.  Communication technology

4. Information technology 

Answer: 2. ICT

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CTET GK Question 8. “Individual learns from his own mistakes” This statement is based on which learning theory?

1. Instrumental conditioning

2. Insight

3. Trial & Error

4. Classical conditioning

Answer: 3. Trial & Error

CTET GK Question 9. According to John Dewey, school is a __________ institution, and education is a __________ process.

1. Social, Social

2. Social, Philosophical

3. Philosophical, Philosophical

4. Environmental, Psychological

Answer: 1. Social, Social

CTET GK Question 10. At the pre-primary stage reading aloud while writing is given importance. This is based on which theory of learning?

1. Trial & Error

2. Conditioning

3. Insight

4. Imitation

Answer: 2. Conditioning

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