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What Is CBSE OASIS? Know How To Use The OASIS Platform

After taking notice of the shortage of teachers as examiners during the 12th practical exams, CBSE has introduced a new OASIS initiative. What is CBSE OASIS?

what is cbse oasis

What is CBSE OASIS? (Image Source: CBSE Website)

Earlier this month, schools that are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education were asked by the board to update teacher information on the OASIS platform by April 10, 2021. The board further stated that stern action will be taken against the schools that fail to do so. What is CBSE OASIS? Here is everything you need to know about how the platform is used and why was it introduced in the first place.

What is CBSE Oasis?

CBSE OASIS full form namely Online Affiliated School Information System is a system/platform created by the Board on their existing website wherein CBSE affiliated schools are required to update certain information to keep them in the loop. The Board has directed schools to update a list of teachers available as examiners for the upcoming final examination. This initiative was taken after the Board noticed the shortage of teachers as examiners for the 12th CBSE practical examinations.

The OASIS link went live on April 5 and has until April 10 to expire. As per the CBSE circular, the list must contain the names of all teachers so that they can "compare the data before updation and after updation." Schools are requested to take action immediately as the Board has revealed to levy a personal penalty of Rs. 50,000 on the Principal of the school if they fail to do so within the given deadline. Furthermore, CBSE has informed that the practicals conducted by an examiner who was not appointed by the Board will indefinitely be cancelled and put to reexamination. Lastly, CBSE has decided not to declare the Board results if their request isn't obliged.

How to use CBSE Oasis?

  1. Visit the official website of CBSE i.e.
  2. Four different options will show up on the homepage. Click on 'New Website'.
  3. Upon reaching the new website, scroll down to search for 'OASIS R-2.0' to get started.
  4. The user will be required to do a CBSE OASIS login to proceed. They will be required to enter the affiliation number and password provided by CBSE.
  5. After logging in, the user will be able to see two links on the menu, namely 'About Us' and 'OASIS FAQs'. The About Us file must be downloaded and used as a guide to further navigate your way into the platform.
  6. The About Us file will have information on what all is to be filled in the teachers' list. The OASIS FAQs, on the other hand, will provide information on CBSE news.

Direct link to CBSE OASIS login

Image Source: CBSE Website

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