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23-year-old Calls A Fake Bomb Threat To EasyJet To Stop His Parents From Visiting Him. Here's What Twitter Had To Say To The 'millennial'

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

An EasyJet flight taking off from France had to be diverted because of a bomb threat.

Turns out it was fake. 

Fight from Lyon to Rennes was mid-air when the authorities received an anonymous call, saying that there could be an explosive on the plane. 

Upon hearing this, the pilots returned immediately to Lyon, only to find out that there was no bomb. 

This fake call was then tracked down by authorities who said that the 'fake bomb alert call' was from a 23-year old college student in Rennes. The reason for the call was, that he was stopping his parents from visiting him in Rennes, and they were on the plane. 

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So much for a fake phone call, the 23-year-old was taken into custody and was charged with "false news compromising the safety of an aircraft in flight," reported according to international media. 

His next court date is on May 21, 2019. 

If this suspect is convicted, the alleged hoax caller could fake up to five years in prison and a whopping fine of approximately $85,000.  

Here is what Twitterati had to say upon hearing this news: 

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