Courtesy: ANI
Courtesy: ANI

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60-years-old Differently-abled Man Builds "e-bikes" By Recycling E-waste

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

A differently-abed man from Gujarat has stunned the automobile engineers with his inventions. Using e-waste like discarded vehicle parts, TV remotes, mobiles and laptops, the 60-year old man has built battery-operated bikes and three-wheeler vehicles.

Vishnu Patel from Surat was born with impaired hearing. After his retirement, he wanted to do something for the differently-abled community.

With no prior training in electrical engineering or funds, he claims that he has built seven battery operated vehicles - which include two-wheeler and three-wheeler. He calls them "e-bikes".

"People throw away waste but I am making bikes out of it. I want to make three-wheelers for the differently-abled community, using which, they can give their families a ride too," he said.

Since these vehicles are battery operated, there are no emissions and hence they are eco-friendly too, he said. He aspires to make customised vehicles for the differently-abled.

"If Rs. 20 lakh loan is granted to me, I can make a vehicle which will bring laurels to India," Mr Patel said.

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Similarly, a couple in Pune facilitates public hygiene solution for women, giving it a hint of aesthetics by converting scrapped old buses into toilets. 

Pushing the initiative under 'Ti for Toilet', the duo Rajeev Khera and Ulka Sadalkar in collaboration with the Pune Municipal Corporation are giving an edge to women sanitation in the busiest areas of Pune city for a higher footfall.  

Hoping to beat the menace where even the available toilets are still unkempt and stinky, making it harder for pregnant and menstruating women to use the toilets, this initiative is revamping the basic sanitation. The buses although could be mobile, are deliberately kept stationed at a peculiar place so women are aware of their location in case of need.

These exquisite public toilets include a shower, western and Indian toilets, washbasins, drinking water, diaper changing station and sanitary napkins for sale. These buses turned into toilets run on solar energy, have TV screens installed that run videos of women sanitation. Every bus has an attendant and technician to keep timely checks on the functioning. The bus charges Rs. 5 for their services.