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After Seema Haider, Bangladeshi Woman Lands In Noida With Child To Live With Husband

Stating that the duo got married in Dhaka in 2001 and had a child together, the woman has accused her alleged Indian husband of deserting her.

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Harsha Chandwani

The woman has sought the help of Noida police to reunite her with her alleged husband. (Image: PTI/File photo)

Even before the controversy surrounding Pakistani national Seema Haider could subside, another woman from Bangladesh has arrived in India with her infant son in search of her Indian husband who, she claims, has deserted her, police said.

Bangladeshi woman Sonia Akhtar reached Noida with her infant and sought the help of Surajpur police to reunite her with her alleged husband. Akhtar has claimed that the Indian man married her in Dhaka three years back and the duo had a son together. The woman has further alleged that while her husband had promised to return to Bangladesh and bring her to India along with him, he deserted her after returning to India.

Additional DCP Rajeev Dixit, Gautam Buddh Nagar, told Republic, “Gautam Buddh Nagar ACP, women’s safety cell, will be investigating the matter.”

According to police, Akhtar provided her passport, visa and marriage certificate to Noida police as proof of her marriage with Saurav Kant Tiwari, resident of Noida’s Surajpur. Akhtar has noted that Tiwari is ignoring her calls and messages from the past six months, which prompted her to come to India. Akhtar has claimed that the duo got married in 2001.

Tiwari reportedly worked in an MNC in Dhaka from 2017 to 2021. The marriage certificate provided by Akhtar mentions that the two got married on April 14, 2021, as per Muslim customs.

Tiwari allegedly did not disclose to Akhtar that he was already married.

Police have said that Akhtar has refused to leave India until she meets Tiwari, noting that she has been cheated and that there is no one to take care of her and her baby in Dhaka since she was fooled into marrying an already married guy.

Police officials have noted, “We will thoroughly investigate the matter. We are yet to speak to Tiwari, against whom allegations have been levelled by the Bangladeshi woman. The authenticity of the allegations are yet to be established.”

Republic spoke to Akhtar while she was being taken to the police station for further investigation. “I am not going back. I will stay here until my husband comes and meets me. I have approached the Noida police and have sought their assistance to help me out. Tiwari married me in Dhaka three years back and didn’t contact me once he returned to India. When I figured out that he had no intention to come to Dhaka, I came to India. He is responsible for my plight. Hence, he has to accept my child and me.”

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