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Air India Goes beyond The Call Of Duty To Find Senior Citizen’s Passport Bag, Twitterverse Shares Their Experiences With The Airline

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

An Air India flight was delayed after an elderly woman forgot her passport bag at security check-in, however, the aircraft crew saved the day by going beyond the call of duty to ensure that she found it. 

Passengers said that the efforts put in by the cabin crew to retrieve the bag and said that it was “heartwarming”. After the crew started looking for the bag, which had the woman’s passport, they found it and returned it. Sharing his experience, Vir Sanghvi, one of the passengers in the flight wrote:

“On a @airindiain flight. Ready to take off but an elderly passenger just realised she forgot her passport bag at security. Annoying to wait but heartwarming to see the staff run back to look all over for it.”

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The effort put in by the crew earned the airline a lot of praise. Others shared their own experiences on India’s national carrier where the crew showed exemplary behaviour towards senior travellers.