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Alert Netizen Complains To Mumbai Police About Vehicle Violating Number Plate Rules, Police Acts Immediately

Written By Shloak Prabhu | Mumbai | Published:


  • A citizen got the Mumbai Police's attention to a vehicle that had violated the rules
  • Immediate action was taken against the vehicle
  • The financial capital's police force has a staunch follower base on Twitter

Mumbai Police is known to swiftly address complaints they receive from people. The financial capital's police force has a staunch follower base on Twitter, where users often post their grievances through their tweets and tag Mumbai Police twitter handle to get their attention.

Similarly, a woke citizen got the Mumbai Police's attention to a vehicle that appeared to be affiliated to a political party. The vehicle, a white Toyota Fortuner, had an illegal number plate with 'Maharashtra' written in Devnagri script in Marathi. The number plate's using of the full 'Maharashtra' rather than the 'MH' is against the rules. The alert Netizen tweeted a picture of the vehicle and captioned it as:

"The flag permits them the Marathi number plate???"

The user also tagged Mumbai Police which further directed the cops to take action.

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The Neta's over-modified ride had the number plate in the Marathi Font. In addition, even the vehicle number was written in Marathi numerical. Thanks to the efforts of the Mumbai Police, immediate action was taken against the vehicle. The cops also posted the E-Challan number that was issued to the vehicle. Here's the Mumbai Police' reply: 

The Mumbai Police is known for addressing issues they get through social media. Almost every other tweet where they are tagged, they make sure to respond and act on the grievances. Here's an example from the 4.7 million followers account which will shape your trust in Aamchi Mumbai's cops who give their best:

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As monsoon has hit the city, cops from the police department have stepped in to provide all the help they can: 

Apart from responding and addressing the issues, the Twitter handle of Mumbai Police is also known to give social messages through their humorous posts. Here's an example that will crack you up:

The cops are making sure that 'safety first' protocol is followed:

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