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"Another CM Arvind Kejriwal Special DHARNAA...", Gautam Gambhir Takes A Dig At Delhi CM's Indefinite Fast For Full Statehood

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Published:

Gautam Gambhir, who is always vocal over various issues plaguing the nation and national capital, took a dig at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's indefinite hunger strike which will commence from March 1 to demand full statehood to Delhi. Taking to Twitter, World Cup-winning cricketer termed the protest as "Another CM Arvind Kejriwal special DHARNAA...".

Earlier on Saturday, speaking at the Delhi Assembly, Arvind Kejriwal had stated that the entire Delhi now needs to launch a movement for the full statehood.

"Democracy has been implemented in entire nation, but not Delhi. Public votes and selects a government, but the government has no power. So we're starting a movement on March 1 and I'll sit on indefinite fast for the full statehood of Delhi."

Furthermore, he added that if full statehood is granted to the national capital then London, Paris and Singapore will have no comparison to Delhi. 

"How will this government run? Why is the central government treating the Delhi government in this manner? There is only one way left now. Protest. The entire Delhi will have to fight to gain the full statehood. If Delhi gets the full statehood, the women in the capital will get safety. The policies will be better. We will make Delhi shine with cleanliness so much so that there will be no comparison of London, Paris and Singapore to Delhi. People will be proud of it".

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Ealier, Gautam Gambhir took to Twitter to express shock after he spotted the "Mall of Kejriwal". As Mr Gambhir ran an eye over the morning newspaper, 'Aam Aadmi Party advertisements splashed all over'. In an attempt to seek an answer from the Delhi Government, Gautam Gambhir questioning about the ad 'splurge' of AAP. 'Is this the taxpayer’s money being splurged callously?', he asked. 

Conveying his disapproval over "Mall of Kejriwal", Gambhir shared an image of AAP ad and wrote: "Today’s newspapers seemed to me a “Mall Of Kejriwal” with @AamAadmiParty advertisements splashed all over. Is this the taxpayer’s money being splurged callously? Can someone from his office or @AamAadmiParty explain? And we thought CM didn’t have money to contest elections!!!".

However, it was not just AAP on his radar, he gave a good piece of advice to BJP and Congress as well. "Even leaders of @BJP4India & @INCIndia should do advertising campaigns from their own pocket rather than using taxpayer’s money", World Cup-winning cricketer wrote.