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ATROCIOUS: "Were You Uprooting Terrorists Or Trees?", Demands Navjot Singh Sidhu Echoing Pakistan's Line And Questioning India's Forces Over Strikes On Pak Terror

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu's garb has dropped, with the Punjab MLA posing questions over the IAF's airstrike on Pakistani terrorism in a shameful manner, essentially taking Pakistan's line.

Taking to Twitter, Sidhu, who has not spurned a single chance to praise Pak PM Imran Khan since Khan's PTI came to power, has asked what his fellow party-mates have been saying with an increasing pitch, i.e. 'give us proof that terrorists were killed' in India's precision bombing on the JeM-LeT-HM joint terror factory in Balakot and in other places across the LoC, but in a far more derogatory way, including the mention - "were you uprooting terrorists or trees?"

Here's his tweet:

Sidhu's statement marks a shocking upturn to what the Congress had already been saying about the airstrikes all through Monday morning, including the following:

"It's clear that their hatred for Narendra Modi is such that their love for India pales in comparison", BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said in response when speaking to Republic TV on the matter.

The questioning comes despite the Indian Air Force stating in as many words when asked about the air strike on the JeM-LeT-HM's Balakot joint terror factory. Addressing a joint-briefing of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force, Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor had said:

"There is fairly credible evidence with us which proves that there was damage to the camps. Weapons hit the intended target and that they caused the damage that was intended."

The Air Vice Marshal had added:

"Whatever we intended to destroy we have got the effect that we desired. We have evidence to show that whatever we wanted to do and targets we wanted to destroy, we have done that. The decision to show the evidence is on senior leadership."

Speaking in Patna on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had accused the Opposition of demoralising the security forces and assisting Pakistan in pedalling its agenda:

Terming Pakistan as a terror factory ('Aatank ki factory'), the Prime Minister said:

"At a time when the security forces are attacking terrorists in the country and across the border, a few people from the country, rather than motivating our Jawans, are making statements which are making our enemies smile."

He added:

"Pakistani TV channels are showing their faces and these people are being applauded there. During the time when it was necessary to talk in one voice, 21 parties joined hands in Delhi to issue a statement against the NDA government. Any person having a positive approach from Bihar and the entire nation will never forgive them for this act. At this time, should we say something that will make Pakistan happy".

Pakistan has indeed been using Indian Opposition leaders' statements to bolster its own case. Read here.