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Bengal Govt's 'Diploma Doctor' Proposal: Mamata Gives Details, Tells Of Its 'importance'

The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, has stirred a controversy by her pitch to establish a course for ‘diploma- doctors’ like diploma engineers.

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Piyush Gupta
Diploma doctor

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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has stirred a controversy with her pitch to establish a course for ‘diploma- doctors’ like diploma engineers.

CM Mamata proposed the course of diploma doctors which she said will treat patients in primary health centres and will assist in giving oxygen, life-saving drugs etc. 

The West Bengal CM said, “Can we start a diploma course for doctors like engineers? If we can appoint them at least to primary health centers after completing their diploma, hospitals can provide them training. Doctors, Senior Nurses can train them. They will be like Semi- doctors. They can at least help in giving oxygen, life saving drugs and saline,” she said.

Those studying to become original doctors have to study for a long time: CM Mamata

“Parallely, since MBBS seats are increasing, medical colleges numbers are increasing, bed numbers in hospital are increasing, population is increasing, so if we can make a diploma course through which we can help the primary health infrastructure in Bengal. We can cover the area through these people. I think it will give good results.” Mamata Banerjee further stated.

She also stated that many students will be able to do this course. Those who are studying to become original doctors, they have to study for a long time, she said. They have to go through many examinations but if we have a parallel system of getting diploma doctors, then at least they can work in primary health care, she asserted. 

Those opposing the proposal in West Bengal said that CM Mamata Banerjee is slowly trying to remove the government health system and permanent doctors because the state exchequer doesn't have money to fund their salaries and other expenses.

A similar system has been in force regarding the police system of West Bengal in which the government has appointed people in a force colloquially termed as ‘Civic Force’ which helps the government to bypass the responsibility of funding police force’s appropriate salaries, expenses and pensions. 

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