Bengaluru Police To Recruit And Train Stray Dogs To Assist The Force

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To accompany the Bengaluru police force during patrolling at night and guarding the police station, the authorities have decided to recruit, train street dogs.

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Updated On:

To accompany the Bengaluru police force during patrolling at night and guarding the police station, the authorities have decided to recruit and train street dogs. According to a local media report, the initiative has been taken by Bengaluru Police's South Division which has 17 police stations under its jurisdiction. The person behind the idea is believed to be Deputy Commissioner of Police Rohini Katoch. 

While speaking to a local media outlet, the police commissioner said that there are at least 50-60 dogs in total who are mostly outside the police station wandering around and many residents also feed them and take care of them. She further added that she has asked her officials to feed the strays and give them basic training like obeying commands so that they can use them as guard dogs. Moreover, she reportedly said that the stray dogs are easy to maintain unlike the exotic breed dogs and slowly these dogs will also get into better shape. 

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Bengaluru is not the first state to train street dogs. Last year, the Uttrakhand Police had also taken a similar initiative of training the street dogs in order to make them part of the police force. The official Twitter account of Police had also posted about the performance by street dogs who were professionally trained. Since the conditions of stray dogs have degraded in recent years, the animal organisations are also encouraging this first of its kind experiment by the Uttarakhand police.

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Resolution to help stary dogs

In a bid to help stary dogs, the Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) also passed a unique resolution. The SMC passed a resolution to offer free parking and a 100 per cent discount on garbage collection fee to families that are ready to adopt stary dogs. 

While talking to a news agency, Pankaj Rai, Commissioner of SMC, said, "Initially, this scheme was not included in the proposal. Earlier, we offered 50% off the garbage bill, but after viewing the response of the people, we thought that more people should join the adoption scheme. So, we offered free parking and exempted people from the garbage bill for adopting stray dogs, along with free registration and vaccination charges." 

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