Bihar Man Attempts Suicide After Being Fined For Not Wearing A Helmet

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Police in Bihar informed that In an incident a man attempted suicide after he was fined by the police for not wearing a helmet as per the new Motor Vehicles Act

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The Police in Bihar have issued a statement that in an incident a man attempted suicide after he was fined by the police for not wearing a helmet as per the new Motor Vehicles Act on October 12. As per the police, the man was identified as Satyam Sinha who tried to commit suicide RNSAV Chowk crossroad.

A man attempts to suicide 

The Police reported that the man tried to set himself on fire. Sinha in a suicide attempt poured petrol on himself and tried to light himself on fire with the help of a matchstick, when he was saved. The incident was narrated to media by Rajesh Kumar, Traffic Inspector in Purnea. He further said that Sinha was caught driving his vehicle without his helmet, therefore the traffic police fined him according to the new law. However, Sinha denied to pay the fine and started to create a scene. After he threatened to self immolate, he was saved and handed over to the police.

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The man was harassed by police

According to Sinha’s statement, he had no money and constantly requested the police not impose the fine. He was fine for Rs. 2,000. He accepted that while driving he forgot to wear his helmet and later tried to hurt himself. He further said that before this he was sent to jail by the police. He has faced constant harassment from the police. The previous pestering led him to take such a big step. He felt mentally tortured by the police. 

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What is the new MV Act?

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019, came into effect from September 1. The new Act was approved by President Ram Nath Kovind in the month of August. The bill was intended to tighten road traffic regulations such as allotment of driving licence and impose stricter penalties for violations in an attempt to improve road safety. The act enhanced the penalty for several offences, and since its implementation, there have been instances of heavy fines being levied including a Gurugram motorist being penalised Rs 23,000.

Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said that “Passing the MV Act amendment is a big achievement for our government. The high fines will lead to transparency, and (will) not result in corruption,” Mr. Gadkari said. He added that he was himself penalised under the traffic rules.

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